Pros and Cons of Moving to Miami

Florida is one of those places people either love or hate. Not everyone can live here with ease, some people are simply not built for that much humidity and mosquitos. On the other hand, some people can’t maintain a beach-body all-year-round. Ok, you can obviously tell we are biased from the get. Well, we will try our best to keep a neutral stance and hopefully help you decide. All American Moves are here to help you with everything relocation. Anything from tips for packing your home to pros and cons of moving to Miami, Florida.

Miami beach

Moving to Magic city with great beaches

Sunshine, Beaches, Oranges and Mickey Mouse

Most people love Florida and would move to Miami without a second thought. Therefore, they would be envied by friends and colleagues alike. The Magic City proved to be a giant magnet to young and old, men and women, Americans and foreigners alike. And we must admit the place has some spectacular beaches, different cuisines, cultural spots and wide assortment of nightlife and other entertainment options.

These are some of the top reasons people choose to relocate to Miami

  • Affordable real estates
  • No income, inheritance and estate taxes
  • Openness to new cultures
  • Sunny weather all year round
  • Plenty of active adult communities
  • World-class healthcare
  • Lots of sandy beaches
  • Various forms of entertainment

These are some of the practical, common reasons people listed for moving to Miami or Florida in general. I would think there is more to the place than just practicalities. Something like…Disneyland?! Some would claim Florida’s climate and entertainment creates a unique and exotic atmosphere for vacations. Others would die from heat and disease, like the first Spaniards who came here in the 16th century. Whatever prompted your move to Florida maybe finding decent storage facilities in Florida is a clever idea. Leave your belongings in a safe spot an explore the sunny state. You’ll be able to find a perfect spot to settle in.

Pros of living in Miami

Let’s cut to the chase and investigate this more closely. We firmly believe that Miami, like anywhere else, is what you make of it.

  • The weather is almost always sunny and warm, so you can freely plan your outdoor activities.
  • No need to shovel snow, clean your gutters, scrape the ice off your windshield.
  • The Sunshine State doesn’t tax you
  • A beach is never far away, even if you choose to live inland
  • A wonderful place for yachting, sailing, diving, swimming or going for a cruise
  • A beautiful place for outdoor sports, such as golf and tennis.
  • Lots of theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, you will never run out of entertaining content
  • The cost of living is relatively low in much of the state
  • Affordable housing (in certain areas)
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Energetic nightlife
  • sunset

    Enjoy sunsets in Miami

Cons of living in Miami

Let’s just say there are a few. We won’t lie and say we didn’t have a good laugh reading a subreddit topic on the matter. Without further ado, these are some of the strongest disagreements people have with Miami:

  • Traffic is the worst, absolutely the worst
  • The heat and humidity are debilitating in the summer months
  • Nice weather is plagued by hurricane season
  • The fact that Florida is completely flat becomes depressing after a while
  • Bugs everywhere, some are disturbingly large
  • There is no historical content, the population was very low until the invention of AC in the 20th century
  • The huge cost of living, well above nation’s average in Miami
  • Very little public transport, moving from A to B in Miami requires a car
  • You think people in New York City are assholes?
  • Crime and drugs are on the rise
  • The mosquito should be the state bird
  • Skin cancer from all that sun exposure

The Retirement State

Everyone knows Florida is a favorite retirement destination for many people seeking a change of weather in the fall of their lives. Florida offers a cozy, warm setting for seniors to live their lives to the fullest. The static weather here is attractive to elderly because it relieves them of some of the biggest hassles they face back home. We are talking about maintenance, slippery ice, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters, slush, and sleet. The nice weather is perfect for outdoor activities, swimming and not being cold (ever). The latter is probably the favorite pull factor among retirees across North America. If you are looking to retire in Miami, there is a whole new set of pros you can look forward to.

Man walking on beach

Florida is a favorite retirement destination for many people

Whatever was the reason that prompt you to relocate to Miami, you need to look for moving and storage companies in Florida to handle your relocation. Simply due to the fact that they know a thing or two about handling your belongings in these conditions. If you want to become a true Miamian, getting towed in South Beach or having excessive flood damage won’t cut it. It’s easy to become a bitter local here. Miami is getting overpopulated and traffic will take a toll on anyone. Newcomers change a phase or two when they first come here. Phase one is obviously “the vacation phase”. We can promise you, it won’t last long.