Pros and cons of living in South Carolina

SC has a long history and it was one of the states that came together to form a union. Before moving there, you should consider some things. All the states and cities have good and bad sides. Living in South Carolina has them too. If you can’t decide should you or shouldn’t you move, write down all the pluses and minuses.

Hiring a reliable mover for moving to SC

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Map of SC

To move to SC stressless and with reliable mover, verify the company first

Pros of living in South Carolina

The advantages of life in SC attract many people to move here. These are some of the pros this state can offer.

  • People are friendly and welcoming. You will like the southern hospitality. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm.
  • The weather is great. Even when the temperatures are hot, the humidity level is lower.
  • Gas taxes are low, which means the costs of transportation are also lower (the lowest in the US).
  • There are many outdoor activities such s swimming, enjoying the beach, kayaking, etc.
  • Living in South Carolina with kids is possible with great schools and beautiful nature.
  • Almost every street has a story to tell (especially in Charleston, the oldest city here).
  • Property taxes are low, one of the lowest in the country.
  • The crime rate is low too, which is another reason why to raise your kids here.
  • Charleston and other major cities in SC have many job opportunities and the unemployment rate is low in those cities.
A scale

Take into consideration all the pros and cons and decide

Cons of living in South Carolina

Nothing is perfect, neither South Carolina. Before moving there, consider these things too, in order to make the right call. These may be reasons for moving from South Carolina to another state.

  • Costs of living are a little bit higher than the US average.
  • The weather is good, but hurricanes may be a problem.
  • Flooding is also a problem when the rainy season comes to SC.
  • Incomes taxes are high, compared to gas and property taxes, much more higher.
  • The insects will annoy you. When you settle down after the move, buy a bug spray.
  • The road needs to be repaired. About half of them are in bad condition.
  • If you are on a diet, you will struggle after moving to SC to continue. Food is fried and tea is too sweet.
  • July and August can be brutal because of high temperatures.
  • Living in South Carolina will make you be “personal” with alligators