Problems that may occur when moving to your new home

So, you’re ready to move homes. This is a very exciting experience for you and your family. Moving is full of challenges, even if you know where you would like to move, there may be some unexpected problems that may occur. Lucky for you with proper preparation most of these unforeseen issues can be fixed before they become a burden on you and your family. This can take the stress out of moving!

Unexpected Time Problems

One unexpected problem you may find when moving homes is time or lack of it for that matter. Realizing you won’t have enough time to complete your move can be heart-breaking for you and your family. As well as being annoying not leaving yourself enough time for a move can bring with it more problems in the future. Luckily there is an easy solution to this, proper planning is a great way to resolve this problem. Getting organized and creating a moving checklist early in your move is a great option. This way you may be ready for any unexpected problems that may surface.

A wall covered in clocks
Sometimes time isn’t always on your side

Unreliable Movers

One of the worst and most unexpected problems that you may find is having unreliable movers. You may have checked them out online, however, even this sometimes can undependable. A great thing to try and do to fix this is to get multiple quotes from different movers. After you have your quotes do thorough research into each company, customer reviews are always informative! Take special note of the certifications your company may have and check their legality. If you chose the right company you shouldn’t run into any unexpected problems. Luckily it can be fairly easy to spot a good mover by their certifications and reviews.


An unexpected problem that commonly surfaces when downsizing homes, is over-packing! At a first glance, this may not seem like a problem, however, there are many unexpected problems that will follow if you are stuck with too much freight. some reasons why overpacking is costly are;

  • Packing more than you need increases the moving price. As more weight means more money.
  • Packing items you wont need or use again is a waste of time. Also some people may benefit more from your old items.
  • Packing unnecessary items can be a problem when you try to store them in your new home.

Luckily there is a solution to this unexpected problem. Proper and careful packing is important. Take the time to go through your items and ask yourself. ‘Do I really need this? Where would I put it in my new home? Can I think of anyone that would benefit from owning this more than me?’ By thinking of your move as a perfect time to organize you and your family’s belongings, you can make the process beneficial and efficient.

A picture containing a table, and a person sealing a box
Think about what you really need to pack

Changing homes is a very exciting time for anyone who is brave enough to do it. It doesn’t come without multiple unexpected problems, but you can be prepared for this. By taking time and doing adequate research into anything you may need, you will find the entire process much more enjoyable for you and your family. Following some of the solutions put forward in this article will help you when it comes to your big moving day.