Preparing for internship abroad

The first feeling you probably experience after hearing about your internship abroad is excitement and happiness. And then, people are often overwhelmed by the feeling of confusion and fear. The reason is that this is a big life change, and not everybody can deal with it well. That’s why a good preparation process is necessary to plan all the steps and details before the big moving day and the period that comes after. We arranged a simple guide on preparing for an internship abroad to help you out – everything you need to know about this exciting new life chapter.

Preparing for internship abroad – when to start?

To make sure everything is ready, you should start making plans as soon as possible. Doing things at the last minute will only increase the stress and make the process riskier. That’s why you should start with a checklist of things you need to do – you can add tasks as you go, but have a basic list of tasks to start from. Include shopping for new items, packing, taking care of documents – everything you need to finish before the big day.

a plan over a map

Moving far away from home is tough – prepare for internship abroad like a pro!

Bonus tip: If you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks, let a professional help you with shipping your belongings or other items. This way you’ll feel more relaxed and your items will be transported safely.


Probably the most important part of moving to another country for an internship is the documents. Since it takes longer to take out a new passport and a visa, make sure you do it on time. Also, the same goes for insurance – get travel/health insurance on time, so you are covered from the moment you arrive in a foreign country.

A passport a person needs for an internship abroad

Take care of all the documents for your internship abroad on time and avoid stress.


Even though you are excited about your new home, make sure you get all the necessary vaccinations before traveling. Find out more about your new home country and see what are the necessary shots.

Take care of the place you’ll live

Another priority on the list of tasks when organizing a move is accommodation. Talk to the people from the internship program and check if it includes accommodation, or you need to take care of it on your own. If you are not sure what part of the city to choose, see if you have some acquaintances or friends in that city to help you out. Maybe you can stay with hem for a while or they can recommend a place to move into.

Pack for the move

Start packing your items on time – pack the things you don’t use very often first, and then work your way to the everyday things. This way you will have enough time to pack everything safely and organize the move. We recommend a moving company like – a professional team that is skilled in international moves. This way you will be sure you are not missing anything, and your relocation is easy and quick, and your items safe.

Get to know your new home

Moving to another country is stressful, physically, and emotionally. However, getting to know your new environment can be a step to ease things up. Find out more about your new town and neighborhood, start learning the language, and meet some people online. Also, get to know the company you will be working for – it’s good to start work a bit prepared.