How to prepare for the upcoming international move?

How to prepare for the upcoming international move and to prepare your bulky items for transport? Even a local and short distance move is a difficult and stressful event. So, how to be ready and how to prepare for the international move or move overseas? What to expect? Here we have some tips that could help you with packing, moving and shipping. As soon you start with the preparation, the better it is for you and your family if you are moving with them. To be honest, moving is not easy or fun. But, you should make it easier and to have fun.

Prepare for the upcoming international move with these simple tips

Each person in the family should participate in the preparation. But, besides that, you must know what to do and what are the steps. From the beginning to the end. Also, you have to prepare them too. Especially if you have kids. For example, if you decide to move to the Sunshine State from Europe or from Asia, tell them immediately. It is a long-distance move. So, how to be ready?

Learn everything you can about the new country

Search online, buy a book…It will be much easier for you after the moving. Also, it is fun to learn a new thing about new culture and history.

  • Try to learn everything about their law. It is maybe a boring step, but very helpful. If you want to prepare for the upcoming international move, that includes all. This is also important for a visa.
  • Tradition and history, that is the fun part. You can watch the movies, read books and encyclopedia. There are many ways of learning. If you are moving to the Arab countries it is important to learn how to wear and what is forbidden. Wikipedia has everything that is important to know about any country, city or continent.
  • Learn the language. Take a course and learn how to speak. For example, some countries such as Germany requires a certificate of a language course. It is enough for the beginning to know the basic things. After moving you will improve that.

Make a check-list

Making a checklist to prepare for the upcoming international move.

Make a checklist before the moving not to forget any step

It will help you not to forget something. For example, what to do 90 days before the big day, what to do 1 month before or a week before. Write down all the details you could forget. So, making a checklist is the best solution. If you do not know how to write it, international movers may help you. It can look like this:

  • Book the ticket and hotel
  • School records for kids
  • Check insurance policies
  • Change the address
  • Pay all bills
  • Contact your bank
  • Give your contact to family and friends

Visit the country before the final moving

If you can, be a tourist, visit the country. You will be more prepared this way when you know what to expect. If you are able to it, we highly recommend it. Also, you could see houses or apartment for rent so you do not have to be in the hotel after moving. This also means you will not need a storage unit for all your items. That could save your money and time.

Start with packing as soon as you can and find a moving company

Finding a good and reliable moving and shipping company is very important. A moving company with experience like Best Cross Country Movers  can help you with your international move. If you still didn’t find a good moving company, make sure to get some recommendations from the people you know. You can also do an online research and spend some time to find a company that suits your needs.

When is time for packing, start a little bit earlier than you think it will be enough for you. Many people underestimate how much possessions they have. And also, there is an emotional factor. There will be days when you will pack just one box because of the emotions. It is not easy to leave your old home and to get rid of some items. Especially if you are in that house all your life and you raised your children there. When people talk about how to prepare for the upcoming international move, just a few of them mention the emotional factor and what can it do for your psychical health. 

Visit a doctor

A nurse with a stethoscope.

Make an appointment and get the medical record. You won’t have a doctor immediately after the move

Did you and your children (if you have them) get all the necessary medical documentation? Moving is stressful, so that affect your immunity. Your health is the most important thing, so make an appointment for the whole family. Who knows how long it will take until you find a good doctor in a new country. Also, many countries ask for medical records, for example, Canada.

Prepare all documents and visa

Passport, ID, visa, driving license, insurance policies, medical record…There are so many documents to collect before the move.  You should get a help to secure you have every document you need. It is easy to forget something when you have a lot of work to do. Call the embassy and ask them what you need for the relocation. A lawyer could help you too. Do not be afraid of the paperwork and researching, it is a must.

Documents preparation before moving.

Prepare all the required documents for you and your family. Get a lawyer to help you with that.

Now, when you know how to prepare for the upcoming international move, you can be relaxed. If you are moving with the family, talk to them. They must know what to expect too. Moving is one of the biggest life events, so make sure to be ready. It is normal to be excited, sad, nervous. So, take a break sometimes. Spend a day with family, go to the cinema or make a picnic. It is also a part of preparation.