Is it possible to move home in one day?

It tends to happen that the twists and turns of life overwhelm even the most organized people. Being able to move out in one day means that you need to step up with your organization and plan very well in advance. You may be wondering if it’s even possible to move home in one day. However, if you manage to beat the time crunch, it is more than doable. Keep in mind that it definitely won’t be an easy task, but with a proper mindset, anything is possible. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for when you have to move to in one day. If you follow them closely, you will manage to move in a day as well as to stay free of stress!

Make sure you never let the mess pile up

Making sure you avoid getting too messy is more of a pre-move tip. Namely, the less you allow the mess to pile up in your home, the easier it will be to move home in one day. Specifically, you will be able to pack and move everything quickly and easily on your moving day. If you use a smart organization system, you will have everything under control. For example, you can do a decluttering project in your closets and attic or garage. If you do this maybe once a year, you will make the move easier for yourself in the long run. Also, make sure you never keep things “just in case”. If you avoid doing so, it will make your home much easier to move in one day.

Make a packing list to stay on track when moving home in one day

Initially, you may want to approach it with a “just pack everything” system. However, this definitely isn’t the best way to move home in one day. For example, if you want to get rid of certain pieces of furniture or clean out your pantry, you should note it down. If you want to avoid accidentally packing them, definitely put them on your list. Also, you surely don’t want to leave packing and moving a hot tub unplanned. It is very important to keep track of these more complicated pieces.

Checklist in a notebook that will be very useful if you want to move home in one day.

Make a packing list and stick to it

Moreover, it would do you good to make a separate list for the things you want to donate. Then, you can contact your local thrift store or charity as soon as possible. Most of these organizations are more than happy to pick up your donation.

It is best to start really early and don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you have the chance, it is always a plus to get professional moving services. For example, Miami Movers for Less will help make it possible for you to move home in a day. However, if you can’t hire professional help, do not fret. You can always ask your closest friends and family for assistance. If you decide to take this approach, make sure you make a lot of coffee, and begin before the sun rises. Namely, you will be very glad to have some extra hands when the time to move the furniture comes. Along with this, the moral support of having your friends by your side is irreplaceable. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask them to join you in doing this marathon move. Not only will it be easier if you do it together, but you will also make many fun memories together.

A group of friends.

Your friends will be more than happy to help.

Go room by room

Thinking about the entire house will definitely feel more than overwhelming. However, if you organize your moving timeline room by room, it will make it feel less scary. For example, it would be best to start with the kitchen. When doing this, you should go drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf. This is a perfect way to keep yourself focused only on the task at hand. Give each of your helpers a room or part of a room and leave them to deal with it. In this way, you will be covering a larger area and getting it done at the same time. Therefore, you will make it more than possible to move home in one day.

A modern kitchen.

It is best to start with the kitchen.

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff while you pack

Keep a ‘donate’ box and a large trash bag by your side while you pack. Although it can be tempting to just throw all your belongings into boxes, it isn’t the best approach. Namely, doing that will make your move-in day a complete nightmare. Therefore, get rid of everything you don’t absolutely need and declutter your home before relocation. Specifically, if you haven’t found a use for it in a long time, you should let it go. This includes clothes, accessories, and random knick-knacks that you keep in the back of the drawer. Make sure you do yourself a favor and donate them to a new home.

Do not take your clothes off of their hangers

Folding all of your clothes before packing will take a lot of time. In order to avoid this, make sure you keep everything on its hanger. Along with this, you should use a trash bag to tie around them. The only thing you should make sure to do is to leave the hook part of each hanger out of the bag. If you do this, you will be able to tie a rope around them and keep them in place. By doing that, you will shorten the packing time and make it possible to move home in a day. Luckily, there are also many various storage options to choose from. If you opt for a storage unit, it will be even easier to relocate to your new home in one day.

Use what you have on hand to move home in one day

If you’re moving home in one day, you don’t have room to be picky about anything. Therefore, make use of your suitcases, duffle bags, trash bags, laundry hampers. Namely, they can all come in handy to pack up your belongings. This is a perfect option if you don’t have cardboard boxes on hand. If you hire professional moving services, they will likely bring their own reusable boxes. However, keep in mind that you can manage even without them!