Best places to live in Essex County, NJ

Do you want to live in New Jersey, particularly in Essex County? This county is located in the northeastern of NJ (near New York City) and ti has a population of about 800,000. When moving, looking for places to live in Essex County is one of the first steps to take. The average income per capita is $54,500 and the unemployment rate is 5.2%. The median home price in this county is $400,000. The housing and living costs are high because of its location. Some of the pros of living here are arts, culture, economy, and education.

Finding the perfect home in NJ and then preparing for relocation may be stressful, but you need to start from somewhere. If you are moving to Essex County during the COVID-19 pandemic you need to be more prepared. Especially because the New York area has a lot of infected people.

Hiring a company for moving to Essex County

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Make sure to hire a reliable, reputable, licensed, and experienced moving company. This way, you will handle a relocation with ease and you can focus on other moving-related tasks.

Drawing of a house in NJ.

Moving to a new house is easier when you have professionals on your side

The list of top places to live in Essex County, New Jersey

Before you move to your desired city or town, research other cities where you can start a new life. Some of the best places are:

  • Upper Montclair – a small suburb perfect for families with kids. The schools are great and the homes are big so there we’ll be enough place for the entire family.
  • Short Hills – another suburb in Essex County good god families because it is one of the safe places in NJ with a lot of parks, restaurants, and highly-rated public schools.
  • Livingston Township – the population of this place is about 30,000 and the fun fact is that 90% of residents own their houses which makes it one of the best places in NJ to buy a house.
  • Glen Ridge – one of the places to live in Essex County if you want to invest in real estate. The median home price is $644,000 but it has a low crime rate, and there are a lot of families with kids.
  • South Orange Village Township – a small town and many young professionals choose to live here.
  • Essex Fells – a rural and quiet area where everyone knows each other. This town has low property taxes, schools are excellent and you can leave your door open without worrying someone will rob you.
A map of places to live in Essex County.

Choose one of the best places to live in Essex County and start a new life here

Now when you know what are the best places to live in Essex County, you can start exploring more. Good luck!