Places you should consider when picking a retirement location

Welcome to your golden years! The years you should devote to yourself and focus only on relaxing and having fun. That is why you should consider moving somewhere else. Somewhere where there are a lot of people your age, where the sun is always shining and where there are a lot of things you can do to have fun. Luckily, our planet is filled with places like that. You just have to pick a retirement location that suits your needs and your budget the most. Whether this is going to be a hard or an easy task for you, depends on who you are and what are your preferences. But, nevertheless, we will help you pick the perfect location. Thus, if you want to know what are some of the best places you should consider when picking a retirement location and some tips for moving in retirement, keep on reading.

Weston, Florida

Weston is a relatively new city in the state of Florida. It recently became really popular amongst retirees and elderly people, mostly from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but also form all over the world. This is because of its peaceful vibe. Yes, peace and quiet is definitely something you will find in Weston. It is full of picturesque landscapes wherever you look. Locals here especially enjoy hiking, biking, picnicking, playing golf or simply drinking their coffee in some of the cafes nearby. Also, this city in Florida is one of the most pet-friendly cities in America. And, for those who like cultural events, you will be glad to hear that Weston famous for its art festivals.  So, if you like what you hear, consider settling down in Weston, FL. You will be able to find a great home for a reasonable price in some of the most charming neighborhoods you have ever seen.

A house in Weston Florida - picking a retirement location

When it comes to picking a retirement location – Weston, Florida should be a place to consider!

Tamarac, Florida

Let us stay in Florida a little bit longer as we have to mention another great place you should think about when picking a retirement location for yourself. Just like Weston, Tamarac too is a relatively new city. In the past, only people from the US used to retire here, but now, Tamarac is popular for retirees all over the world and those from Florida who do not like moving cross country. This is because of its favorable climate, sunshine all year round, warm sea, beautiful beaches, plenty of parks as well as cultural attractions. There are also many country clubs where you can play golf and mingle with people. Moreover, if you are a fan of shopping, you will also be glad to hear that one of the biggest malls is located here too. You will be able to shop till you drop. And, when your grandkids come to visit, you can take them to the Butterfly World, Young Art Museum, or the Woodmont Country Club. So, yes, Tamarac is a great place to move to.

Oranjestad, Aruba

If you are like the most us who dreamed of retiring in someplace similar which represents heaven on earth, Aruba probably crossed your mind once or twice. Yes, in the past, Aruba was not a typical place people considered when picking a retirement location. But, now, things have changed. A lot of people retirees recently moved to Aruba. And, for some good reasons too. Firstly, it truly is heaven on earth. The crime rate is low, almost non-existent. Health systems, both public and private are top-notch. And, living there is actually cheaper when compared to the USA. You will also not have to worry about language nor culture differences. The English language is widely spoken here. So, consider Aruba, and its capital Oranjestad when picking a retirement location.

Flamingos in Aruba

One thing is for sure – your family will beg you to come to visit you every day if you move to Aruba.

Corozal, Belize

Corozal is the mainland city in Belize, very close to Mexico. Believe it or not, but retirees from all over the US love it here. This is beacuse gaining the right to stay is easy and quick. Retirees especially love all the outdoor activities Corozal offers – hiking amongst some of the most beautiful landscapes, fishing, and barrier reef diving. This is definitely a place for more active seniors and retirees. So, take that into consideration when picking a retirement location. What is also great here is the fact that everybody is friendly and welcoming. People are always smiling and trying to mingle. You will probably do the same, as everybody also speaks English. It is also worth mentioning that buying a house is easy and affordable, there are great health centers and the crime rate is close to zero.

Hammocks on the beach.

In Corozal, you will forget about your worries and enjoy yourself as never before.

Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Last but definitely not the least place to consider when picking a retirement location on our list is definitely Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. You have probably known about this. But, still, it is worth mentioning as retirees from all over the world keep on coming. And why? Well, it is rather simple, gaining a visa and buying a home is very easy and affordable. Moreover, living costs are also very affordable and suitable for everybody’s pocket. Healthcare is cheap and good, and the crime rate is low. Also, just like other cities mentioned above, Santa Cruz too has amazing beaches, beautiful landscapes and plenty of activities to do whenever you feel like it. Moreover, both air and road transportation are well developed, so traveling anywhere is easy.