How to Pick the Right Size Storage Unit?

When you want to store your goods in safe storage units in Toronto, the first step is to pick the right size storage unit. You need to find the space that fit your needs and requests. The crucial thing you should think about when picking the right size of the storage unit is the size and weight of your belongings. On you can find different size storage units with special conditions. So, whether you want to store your furniture, clothing or fragile items – there is a storage unit for your needs.

Empty storage space

Make sure your storage unit is a clean, dry and safe place for your belongings

What should you know about sizes of storage units?

Before you pick the storage unit, the first answer you should answer is: what are you storing? Depending on your belongings and their size you can pick the right size storage unit.

Visit a storage unit before signing the contract

Make sure to visit your storage unit before you sign the contract. In this way, you can compare sizes of storage units so you can pick the right one for your needs.

Understand Storage Dimensions

When you are on the hunt for the perfect storage space, make sure to understand storage dimensions. Storage unit size you can estimate by floor space square footage. So, when you want to pick the right size storage unit you should calculate square footage or the number of rooms you’ll be storing. But, don’t forget – you can use the height of storage unit as storing space, too.

Cardboard boxes

Depending on the size of your cardboard boxes you should pick the right size storage unit

 Pick the right size storage unit

With our list of storage unit sizes, you can easily find the one unit that fits your needs.

  • 5’x5’ unit

This unit size is a large closet. So you can use it only for several boxes, small mattress, dresser and personal items and decoration.

  • 5’x10’ unit

Having a 50 square feet storage unit is like having a walk-in closet. In this storage unit, you can store items like furniture, TV, storage boxes, etc.

  • 10’x10’ unit

This size of the storage unit is like a standard car garage you can use for items like chairs, tables, furniture, bikes, etc.

  • 10’x15’ unit

This space you can use to store furniture, piano, appliances like big-screen TVs, etc.

  • 10’x20’ unit

You can use it for workout equipment, a refrigerator, and other equipment and furniture.

  • 10’x30’ unit

This is the largest storage unit which you can use if you need to store your vehicle or boat.