The most pet-friendly cities in America

Are you looking for a new home? You want to change the environment and to try something you, but you are not the only one who is in the picture. Your pet is too, so you need to find pet-friendly cities in America where you can both live. Luckily for you, the USA has a lot of them and you can choose. Each state has at least a couple of cities for pets. You are not limited.

The list of the best pet-friendly cities in America

Where are all the dog-friendly cities in the USA? When you have a pet, especially a dog, you need to take into consideration all the facts that concern you and your pet too.

A dog and a girl sitting together.

For many people, a dog is their best friend, so choose a city where your dog can play and enjoy

If a city doesn’t have parks for dogs, restaurants, and shops where you can be with your pet, then it is probably not a city for you two. Also, another factor that is a big deal is how many pets are in the city. Animals also love the company and playing with other animals. When you are in the park with a dog, there should be a lot of other dogs and the dog’s owners.

We took all these factors into considerations and have chosen the best pet-friendly in America. The cities are listed below (1 city from 10 states).

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Find a home perfect for your cat or any other pet you have

Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland has more than 30 parks for dogs (about 33). It has a social network for animal lovers too. It doesn’t have only parks, but also many bars and restaurants where you can bring your pet. Even in the pub.

Seattle, Washington

Rain should not stop you to move to Seattle. If you do not care about rain, Seattle is perfect. One fun fact – it has more dogs than children, which makes it one of the best US cities for singles. Cats, dogs, birds, fishes, they are all welcome in Seattle.

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you want to move to Arizona, Scottsdale is one of the pet-friendly cities in America where you and your pet can live together. Another city is Tucson.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is not only a pet-friendly city in the USA, but also it is a very affordable place to live. So, you will have these 2 advantages which are both very important. With warm weather, your pet will enjoy every day.

San Francisco, California

Not the most affordable place to live, but it is a number one for young professionals seeking a career in IT and people with pets. Pets are allowed in public transportation, coffee shops, bars, some gyms, and it is home to DogFest.

Austin, Texas

A city with plenty of pet photographers – Austin. Not only that but also dogs are welcome in restaurants and the weather is perfect for them to play outside as long as they can. If it is too hot, don’t worry it has a swimming pool just for dogs. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico

More than 30,000 acres of public parks, big homes for the entire family and pets too. It has only about 60 days of rain, which is another advantage. Visit the Rio Grande and Sandia Foothills and you will love it.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nature in Colorado Springs is breathtaking. Pike National Forest, Seven Falls, and Garden of the Gods Park are only one of the places where you can spend time with your dog. Even if you never move here, you should visit these places.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston ins one of the best pet-friendly cities in America even with those cold winters. It is a fun place for pets and pet owners too. Use Yappy Hours in some of the local bars to go out and have fun with your pet.

How to move with your pet?

Now when you know where to move, it is time to know how to move safely with your pet. Moving with your pet is not simple because you need to take care of your documents, packing, transporting items, and take care of your pet too. It is a lot of work.

  • If it is not a local move, you will probably need a moving company that can transport your pet.
  • Also, if you have a lot of items to packing and you have a hyperactive dog, it is dangerous for him/her to be around. Ask someone to take care of your dog while you are packing.
  • Hopkins and Sons, Inc. is a company you can hire to move your items while you are focused on your pet.
  • After choosing pet-friendly cities in America, choose a perfect house.
  • Pack an essential moving box for your pet.
  • Contact your vet and schedule an appointment before a move. Also, ask for recommendations for a new vet.
  • Don’t change the routine of your pet, no matter how hard it is during moving.
  • If you are having a fish, you will have a lot of work, including planning how to transport all the fishes.
  • Keep in mind, when moving with pets they will know something is happening. Many dogs, for example, are feeling depressed after moving. Don’t save your love and gove your pets a lot of attention after moving.
User guide for moving with a pet.

Search for tips on how to move with a pet safely


Having a pet is almost equal to having a child and for some people, it is totally equal. That is why choosing a pet-friendly city in America is important. A new place should be perfect for you and your pet too. Make a list of cities that you will consider as your new home. Also, make sure that your new apartment or house is also pet-friendly. If you will rent it, the first question to ask your landlord is about your pet, especially if it is a dog.