Tips on moving to Canada from the USA

the land of ice hockey

Most of us have thought about moving to another country at least few times in our lifetime.Sometimes, due to the better education or career opportunities, or mostly out of the need for change.Even just thinking about the fresh start and leaving all of our worries behind is an exciting idea. But actually packing your bags […]

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Moving to the USA from East Asia

Prepare properly before making an East Asia - USA move

The American dream is the most common reason for moving to the USA. Although even many Americans stopped believing in it, the rest of the world still considers the USA a country of opportunities. Having in mind all the chances you have in the States, you can’t really argue that. In the recent years, the more […]

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International transport of personal belongings

international transport by air

Here comes that happy day when you finally got the right to permanent residence in another state. You are glad to start collecting things. And then you realize that it will not be possible to carry out such a big move on your own. You begin to frantically ring up all your friends, with a […]

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Things You Must Know Before Moving To Michigan

Thinking about moving to Michigan? Either you fell in love, you’re pursuing your career or you just like the cold. Whatever the reason – here’s a few helpful facts you must know before deciding to move to Michigan. This ‘little’ state with a population of  just under 10 mil does have plenty to offer. From cheap housing, […]

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Local movers in the USA – steps to hiring the best

Top moving pros in the USA

Almost everybody will tell you that you might move locally without hiring the moving help. But we are not among them. We truly know how difficult each relocation is. No matter across the street or across the country. This is why we decided to provide you with the top tips for hiring the local movers […]

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8 steps to short distance moving

short distance moving by yourself

A relocation that happens within 60 miles is considered a short distance moving. Whether you are moving to a new apartment or a new house, moving your household is not an easy task. Deciding on the timing, looking for the new housing and packing all of your belongings can take time. Make sure you make […]

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Hiring movers: 10 important questions you should ask

moving insurance

Moving and relocation costs can make your head spin especially when you think about hiring moving companies. Whether you are planning on hiring movers, local or international, or you just need movers to help you pack, it doesn’t have to be a moving nightmare. When looking for a reliable moving company, you have to be prepared. […]

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Japan air freight forwarding – How to do it?

Japan air freight forwarding- what's to know about it?

There are many ways to transport goods across the globe. And although air freight is the newest of the three transport modules it is a very popular one. Other two modules are transports via road and sea. Japan air cargo forwarding enables the shipment to be delivered earlier and to avoid multiple customs and countries. […]

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How to Move Your Business to Another State

Moving a business raises many questions, particularly questions about legal and regulatory matters.

Moving your business across the state lines takes time, patience, money, legal expertise, communication, due diligence, and usually a good bit of manual labor. Move your business to another state means juggling many tasks: finding suitable space, applying for tax, coordinating staff, informing customers, obtaining business licenses, and physically making the move. So, you ask: How to […]

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The culture shock of moving from coast to coast

So, you remember that move back in the college days? Yes, exactly that one. When you asked your parents or neighbors to give you a hand with your suitcases all the way to the dorms. Yes, we are talking about moving from home for the first time. Well, relocating from coast to coast will be […]

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