How to pack for your move to New Jersey?

Preparing for relocation was never an easy task! Especially if you are moving to such a vibrant place such as New Jersey! There are a lot of things you need to think about, and you can get lost in it easily! But do not worry about it! We wrote an extensive guideline you can use to make your relocation much easier! Use it to learn how to pack for your move to New Jersey without any issues at all! Continue reading for more interesting tips and tricks on this subject!

Create a moving checklist!

If you want to follow our guide and learn how to pack for your move, then start by making a moving checklist. This is a very important part since you will have tasks written on a piece of paper. It will be a visual representation of what you need to accomplish before the moving day arrives! And furthermore, it is easier to have them written down than to remember. The moving checklist should include tasks like:

  • Gather moving supplies!
  • Get rid of the items you do not need!
  • Find a reliable moving company! This is an important part because they can be tricky to find! Luckily if you look for moving assistance in Ridgewood you will surely find them with ease!
  • Start packing!
  • Prepare snacks and bag with essentials!
  • Move!
A checklist made in order to learn how to pack for your move

Want to learn how to pack for your move? Start by making a moving checklist

This is how a basic moving checklist should look like! Here you will find tasks you can further divide into a bunch of small ones! However, you choose to do it, make sure you make one!

Gather supplies in time

Times is always important whatever you do! It is no different when you are about to learn how to pack for your move to New Jersey! If you start collecting moving supplies in time, you won’t have to deal with possible shortage later! For example, you can find free moving boxes at the local grocery stores. Also, it is a good idea to ask for them in the book stores as well. If you can’t find them you can buy them from your moving company! Make sure you get enough of them in time! It would be a good idea to get a bit more than you need! You don’t know what can happen during the relocation that will require additional boxes!

Duct tapes and packing tapes are important if you want to maintain the durability and stability of your moving boxes. Use them to strengthen the sides and the flops of the boxes, so they won’t break during the transportation. This is one of the tricks you need to learn if you wish to know how to pack for your move!

An image of a duct tape

Use duct tape to further secure moving boxes!

Use ropes as well! They can give additional strength to the moving boxes and make it easier to carry them! Wrap them around the boxes and you will load them to the truck in no time at all!

Consider renting a storage unit!

If there are too many items that need packing, you can simply opt out for a storage unit! They are perfect answers to that issue when you have too much stuff to transport! Leave them for a time being in the unit until you come back for them! The best way to make sure you will find a reliable storage unit is to check for them online at! You will not only get a unit that will provide your items with security but a good rent price as well! Depending on what kind of items you are storing, you can ask for climate controlled units, heavily secured ones, or just simple units for short term storing!

A storage units

Can’t transport all the items you have? Rent a storage unit!

How to pack for your move – wrapping

It is not simple to pack your items! Especially if you are packing valuables that need special attention! Our guide on how to pack for your move wouldn’t be the same without this very important part. When dealing with expensive, valuable or old items, you need to apply special care. First things first:

  • Clean the items before you pack them! After you clean them, apply a protective coat of vax or any other material suited for the item at hand!
  • Disassemble the items if you can! If you break them down into smaller parts it will be easier to pack them for transportation!
  • A cleaning kit

    Make sure you clean up your items before you pack them

There are numerous household items you can use to wrap your valuables. Starting with old blankets, t-shirts, newspapers etc. Use blankets and wrap them around the wooden furniture in order to protect them from any possible damage. The rope is excellent in these types of the situation because you can tighten the blanket around your furniture to prevent it from falling down.

A blanket

Use blankets to protect your furniture!

Newspapers are excellent wrapping material for glass items! Simply pour some small amount of water on them and then wrap them around the items. Let them dry out before you pack them into the moving boxes. Also, you can use paper to fill up the oddly shaped empty space inside the boxes. This will prevent the items from tumbling while transported.

Sponges, T-shirts, towels and other smaller fabrics are excellent padding materials for moving boxes! Put them in first, and then stock the fragile items you want to load into the truck! This will provide them with additional security and protection while on the road!

It is never easy to learn how to pack for your move! But never too late as well! Especially if you have an extensive guide covering this topic! We provided you with what we think are the best tips you may need for your relocation! If you have something to add up, you can do it by leaving a comment in the comment section down below!