Pack for a move like a pro: A short guide to seven day packing

Days 4-7

Packing for a move is always a messy process of, usually, forgetting tons of things which you think should be obvious. But, the most common thing which most people who have never moved house before do is underestimate the amount of things which they own. So, we’ll give another little word of advice to you before we get on with our short guide to a seven day packing in order to make you a complete moving pro: Purge. While this may seem like a mundane thing, which you’ve heard everywhere, this is the best tip which you will ever get packing-wise. So, before even entering the first day of your seven day packing, prepare a pile which is labeled ‘Goodwill’ or ‘Non-moveable’. Believe us, you will thank us later. And, here is the golden rule for the purge:

If you haven’t worn it in over a year, you don’t need it.

If you are really sentimental about some things, make that two years.

Let us mention our previous post quickly. We’ve already covered the first few stages of our pack for a move like a pro plan, which we suggest that you read through. In case you haven’t or won’t, here is a quick recap. Begin with the kitchen and dining room, as it will take the most time, continue onto the books and electronics and finish your third day or start your forth with your closet. And now, when we have arrived to the fourth day of this speedy packing guide, let us begin this post with:

If you are on day four of your seven day packing process, it is the time to enter the bathroom

Whether you have one or multiple, they are a dreaded section of the packing process, without doubt.

According to our short guide to seven day packing, you should tackle the bathroom with some Rubbermaid containers.

Now here, we will advise you to use plenty of clear Rubbermaid containers, as they are see-through and very handy when packing these types of rooms. Also, you might need a few plastic bags.

  • Make a clear container with your necessities – this will stay open and accessible until the last day before your move. If using Rubbermaid, like we suggest in our short guide to seven day packing, it will be an easy thing, as you can simply close the lid on the last day
  • Throw away any used up containers from bathing products
  • Use up all the ones which are left, making sure to leave some for the last couple of days before the move
  • Put the towels in the plastic bags and use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of them. Be sure to close them well when packing these airtight bags for your move

On the fifth day you should begin with the living room if you want to pack for a move like a pro

You living room should already have the books packed by the time you get to it, if you’re following our short guide

Your living room or den is another place which kind of collects clutter. And, if you might think that your closet was the worst, this room might just beat it. We would suggest that you start by packing the less used items first, so if you have any shelves with breakable, decorative things, you ought to start with those. Then, as you are continuing through your short guide to seven day packing, pack away the DVDs and the TV, along with any other items that go with it.


  • If you are moving the furniture, plan where it will be placed in the van and your new home before packing it up
  • Make sure to wrap any pictures that you may have securely with an ample amount of padding
  • If you have a desktop computer in this room, search for original packaging – it will make packing for a move faster and much easier
  • Be sure to leave any things which you will need in the last few days before the move accessible

On the sixth day of this short guide to seven day packing we suggest that you tackle the bedroom

With your closet already sorted through and packed, packing your bedroom should be an easy task

If you’ve done as we’ve suggested and gone through your closet in the first few days of the packing week, you will definitely be able to pack the rest of this room for your move like a pro. If you have any decorative items in this room/these rooms, pack them now. If they are small and breakable, a great trick is to use wine glasses packaging. If you are trying to save on wrapping materials, you can use your socks or other clothes to secure the items.


  • Make sure to leave enough clothing for the trip to your new home
  • Wash your linens and leave them accessibly packed, so that you can easily see them and use them as soon as you move in – you will need them on the first day
  • Label all the boxes which should go into the bedroom clearly, on two sides
  • If there are multiple bedrooms in your new home, be sure to note that on the labels

And finally, it is the last day of our seven day packing process and it leaves us with the wrap-up

Despite the fact that you’ve been diligently packing the last six days, it is never enough time. So, we leave this day for wrap-ups of the last six days, in order to actually pack for a move like a pro.

  • Go through all the rooms, see if there was any task which you left for ‘later’
  • Close all of the Rubbermaid or Tupperware containers which have been open with your essentials
  • Go through your necessities and see if there is anything else which you will need during the actual relocation
  • Be sure to check that all of the boxes have been properly closed, labeled and that they can be lifted
  • Be ready and have everything packed before the movers arrive

And, this is the end of our short manual to seven day packing. Hopefully, it will help you get all of your belongings into proper boxes on time. We wish you good luck with your move!