What to Pack First When Moving?

Packing usually takes a lot of time when moving. It is hard and very emotional to pack your entire life. How to start and what to pack first when moving to a new home? If you have no experience in moving, this simple guide may help you start with moving preparation, which means – packing.

Calculate approximately how much time and money you will need for packing. Don’t underestimate it, especially not the time you need to pack the entire house. Start a month or 2 (if your home is big) before moving day. So, let’s start.

A lot of moving boxes.

Don’t start with items you will need before a moving day

Take inventory and get packing supplies

Before you start with packing, it is important to take an inventory and to decide what to move and what to toss. This will also give you a picture of how many moving boxes and other supplies you need. Not only that, knowing how many items you need to move, will help you find out how much your moving is going to cost – based on the size and weight of your household items. And you can save money when moving this way.

Room to pack first when moving

Where to start, in what room in your home? Usually, people start from a room that is not used often. So, the order of rooms should be something like this:

  • A garage – you probably won’t need tools (unless you are working as a handyman), car-related stuff, paint, etc. But, keep in mind that a garage often contains hazardous items that are forbidden to relocate.
  • A Basement and/or an attic – if you are like most people, you use a basement for storage purposes. Old photos, kids’ toys, off-season clothing, Christmas ornaments, and decorations, etc.
  • Spare rooms – if you have a guest room or an old kids’ room, that should be next. You are probably don’t using them or items that are inside. Also, clean up your closets and storage space.
  • Kitchen – kitchenware you don’t use often and small kitchen appliances should be packed first.
  • A living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms should be the last rooms to pack. If you are having trouble with packing, hire the right assistance for your relocation to help you move easier.
Packers packing moving boxes.

Professional packers may help you pack fast and efficient

Items to pack first when moving

What items to pack first? How to pack them properly? Of course, start by packing items you are not using every day, and you are sure that you will not need them before moving.

  • Artwork such as paintings, sculptures, and other decorations pack first when moving. But make sure to pack it properly, without damaging
  • Collector’s items and pack fragile items you don’t need, because when moving large furniture they can break
  • Off-season clothing and shoes
  • Linens and beddings but keep about 2 sets unpacked (per person)
  • Books, magazines, documents, photos
  • Jewelry
  • Games and toys, but if your kids are young, don’t pack all their toys
  • Kitchen items you don’t use often