How to pack an essential box when moving?

It is time to pack your boxes for moving. And, you did everything right. But, most people forget to pack an essential box when moving. Why is that important, and what is the essential box? Wherever you are moving, long distance or local, you should have one type of this box. Home packing tips can save you a lot of time when moving.

Do not forget to pack an essential box when moving

If you have moved before and you have an experience, you will know the importance of this special box and you will not forget. But, if you do not have any experience at all, and it is your first moving, then probably you will forget to pack it. A moving day and a next day can be very chaotic and stressful. Imagine the situation without a soap, for example. So, you have to search for stores to buy one. It is difficult, especially if you do not know a new neighborhood yet.

A hand truck with two moving boxes.

Do not make a mistake by not preparing the essential box.

How to pack an essential box – tips

Pack it one or two days before a moving day. But, you should make a list of what to put in that box a little bit earlier. That is how you will not forget anything. When people are stressed out, they can forget even the most important items. So, here is a little guide what to put inside and how to pack it like a pro.

First, make a checklist

As we mentioned before, when you start to pack an essential box, make a list of what to put inside. Do that a couple of weeks before a moving day to be sure you will not forget something. A checklist is very helpful.

A checklist.

Before you start with packing, write it all down.

Tell each person in your family to make one for themselves

If you are moving with your family, each person (if they are old enough) should pack its own essential box. You cannot take care of everything, especially not about their personal items. You can inform them what can be useful for the first days after moving. For example:

  • They should pack an essential box when moving and choose their t-shirts and underwear for a couple of days. Of, course they can pack other clothes too, but not too much. The point is to put few the most important items.
  • Electronics are also important nowadays such as phones, laptop, iPad, etc.
  • Each person in the family should pack its own toothbrush, deodorant and other product he/she uses every day.
  • If some person has a therapy, remind him/she to pack medications.

What to pack for the whole family?

If you are in charge of the family, then you should pack the essential box for the whole family and organize your moving. What to put in that box? It is not a simple job, but by following these tips, it will be simple.

“First” box

This box should contain the basics. Such as scissors for opening other boxes, things that will allow you to survive for a couple of days, etc. This box is different from person to person because everyone has its own needs and habits. So, make your own customized “first” box and label it.

Vegetables on a table.

Do not pack fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food, drinks, and kitchen

This box is one of the most important, especially if you are moving with kids or you have a baby. Pack plates, glasses, knives, spoons, pots, snacks, drinks…It is important and the best to pack non-perishable food (for example, peanut butter, pasta sauce and pasta, crackers, canned fruit…). Also, you do not know if you will have a water in your new house immediately, so pack a water, sugar, salt, coffee or tea bags. Paper plates and cups are practical for a couple of days, so right after eating you do not have to wash them.  Do not forget paper towels and dish soap too.

Items for bathroom

After a long moving day, you will need to take shower. So, packing your shampoo, towels, shower gel, toilet paper, soap is important. If you are a woman then, pack your make up too, if you use it every day. But, before that, you will need to clean your new bathroom first. Pack cleaning supplies, but make sure they are new (unopened) and they can be spilled if they are open. Chemicals are dangerous, so be careful when you are moving them! 

It is time to sleep

The first night in your new house! Where to sleep? Luckily, you have packed your essential box. First, clean your bedroom. Then open your bedroom essential box and take out your clean bedding (blankets, pillows…). Now you can see why the essential boxes are so helpful and important when moving. What would you do without them? Pack an essential box when moving and have a sleep tight.


You never know what can happen. Moving is so stressful, and because of that, you can get sick. Manage your stress and just in case, pack your medications. Also, moving injuries are often, unfortunately. So, packing first aid kit, vitamins, medications is essential. Especially if you have some therapy. You cannot quit without consulting your doctor, of course. Kids are very sensitive and at the same time restless. Because of that, having your own medication box can be very helpful.

Now, when you know how it is important to pack an essential box when moving, you will definitely be going to do it. And, that will be without mistakes if you follow this simple guide, for sure. Good luck with your moving, and always be prepared and ready.