Outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack, NH

Relocating from one place to another is for sure overwhelming and sometimes it is exhausting. There are just too many things to do in such a short period of time. And you also still have a life besides the relocation that is going on. But you can’t look only at the downsides of it. Even though it may be difficult to believe that, there are good parts to each relocation. And in many cases, they turn out to be exciting. For sure, you must think about obligations, how you will get to New Hampshire, and so on.  But you will also have to find all those outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack, NH. There are too many, and you should choose ones that are proper for you. You have any fun things to do, so better start making a list.

When you are searching for outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack, start from the beginning

Even though Merrimack is not that popular, and not many people are relocating to this town, it has its hidden gems you shouldn’t miss out on. So, when the time comes and you start to narrow those opportunities out, you should start from the most common and basic activities. It will be easy since Merrimack has beautiful nature and there are plenty of activities you could do outside. It doesn’t have to be something special and too requiring.  So, once you are done browsing through mybrooksmoving.com and you hire professionals for the relocation, it is time to do the fun part of planning.

The first place you should check out is Twin Bridge Park and Kids Kove. This is a park where many generations used to hang out, meet, and create some amazing memories. Even today you can see them having a small reunion gathering or similar events. This place really leaves a special feeling in everyone’s heart. You will find many paths where you can walk around the entire park. Also, there are plenty of meadows where it is allowed to have a picnic or just sunbathe in the sun while reading a book. This is definitely a family-friendly place where everyone in the family can enjoy it. No matter what age. You might not find souvenir shops and some fancy restaurants, but when it is warm you will try some of the best ice creams you can try in New Hampshire.

Person exercising outdoors.
Remember that exercising outside is one of the best outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack.

Leave the next activity for the next weekend

One little tip that you should really consider, is not to explore the place every single day. You are about to get there, and there will be plenty of time to do a lot of things. You don’t have to explore the entire town in a couple of days. Instead, write down all of the things to do in Merrimack, and all those outdoor activities that you like doing. But divide them into multiple weekends. Every weekend does something different and something new. This way you won’t feel bored and like there is nothing to do anymore.

Once the first weekend since the arrival is done, you need to prepare for the next one. And this one might be your favorite. It will be for sure if you like waterfalls. There is a Wildcat Falls Park and Conservation Area. This place doesn’t have one description that adapts. It has many. For sure, there are scenic walking areas, and historic ones as well. But at the same time, there are various landmarks and points of interest where plenty of tourists come as well. If you are more of a sporty person, there are hiking trails, and running ones too. You will find free parking with enough spots. But we do advise you to visit this place in the early hours while it is still morning.

There are outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack that include your pet as well

If you are not a pet owner, then this paragraph is not for you. So, feel free to skip to the next one. But all of you that have those little furry buddies, you need this information. Now, just a couple of minutes of a drive south from Merrimack, you will find Wasserman Park. There are various things that your pet will be able to do, both for training with its owner, and simply running and enjoying the day. Don’t be surprised if you end up meeting plenty of people because that happens all the time here. Sometimes expect to see people that don’t even have pets here. While you hire movers to help you down to settle in with ease, prepare your pet for this small excursion. There is an area that is off-leash but bring one either way.

Kids playing football.
Let your kids enjoy themselves outside instead of keeping them at home.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour is a must

Now, who doesn’t like to have a glass of good beer? After an exhausting week at work, and all those house choirs you had to do, you deserve to enjoy a little bit. There are various tours that you can choose from and normally they last about 2-3 hours. Depending on what you chose. You will end up with some gifts as well. This is not the most family-friendly event you can attend, but people bring their children here as well. But you should know that the bathroom availability is minimal, and the tours do last long.

Not all outdoor activities need to be wild

Remember that just going for a walk can be the activity your body needs. You can use this excuse to go and visit Merrimack. Explore the city and its architecture. Most likely you will be surprised how many beautiful things you can see. Check out if you can find a local guide to learn facts about this town.

Friends enjoying one of the best outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack.
Bonding time outside is amazing.

Make a game out of it

Now, there is one fun idea you can use when you don’t know which one of the outdoor activities you need to try in Merrimack. Let everyone from your family members write down a proposal on a piece of paper. Put all the papers in a bowl and mix them. Whichever paper you take, everyone is doing that activity. Your kids will love this game.