How to organize your belongings for donation before you move out of NY?

Are you moving out of NYC and you have too many belongings you do not actually need? What to do with all those items? To sell them, dispose or to do a good thing and to help somebody else? If you decided to donate, then organize your belongings for donation and do it right. 

Moving costs depend on the size and weight of your move, and some other things too. Such as distance from NYC to your new home, travel fees, renting a storage unit, additional fees, etc. You cannot change that, but you can change the amount of your stuff, in order to have an affordable move.

A sign "make this day great", a great way to organize your belongings for donation

Make this day great not only for yourself but for other people too, even if you are not moving out of NYC

If you donate your clothing, furniture, food, shoes, you will help people to live easier. You will help yourself too. How? First of all, you will have some advantages when paying taxes because of charity, so save all the receipts you will get when donating. Second of all, you will feel better because you know you helped someone. A smile on someone’s face does not have a price. Another advantage is, you will declutter your home before relocation.

Where to donate your belongings in NYC before you move?

Do not throw out your possessions. If you do not need them, it does not mean they are useless. It is gold for somebody else. NYC area has a lot of non-profit organization where you can leave your furniture, clothing, office supplies and equipment, toys, footwear, food, electronics, etc. Most organizations will come and pick up heavy and large furniture, so you do not need to organize transportation. Even if you are donating, you will stretch your budget when moving this way, for sure. Here you may donate your household items.

  • Salvation Army is a charity organization that helps homeless people. Organize your belongings for donation such as furniture, books, and clothing and schedule your free pick-up. They have many centers across NYC.
  • Housing Works will accept furniture and they have a pick-up service too. This way you will help homeless and low-income communities
  • Hour Children organization is located in Queens, NYC. They are focused on formerly incarcerated women re-enter the community and trying to adjust.
  • Goodwill, one of the major organization, has plenty of stores in NYC. They accept all types of donations and then resell them to people who cannot afford clothing, furniture, etc.
  • Nazareth Housing is helping homeless NYC people. You can leave here your furniture (in Manhattan, from Canal St. to 86th St) and they will pick it up.
A homeless person in NYC

Help people in NYC to have a normal life

Fewer belongings – cheaper move from NYC

So, now when you know where to donate your belongings, calculate how many boxes you have. Fewer, anyway. Can you do something else to make your moving from NYC even more affordable? Yes, you can.

By hiring a good and reliable mover, your new life out of NYC will start stressless. Find a company that has a reasonable price for their services. Dynamic Movers NYC is one of the companies that will offer a good price when moving out of NYC.

Besides organizing items for donation, you should organize the entire moving process too. Professional assistance will help you pack and move your boxes without damages and delays.

Organize your belongings for donation – tips

You know why to donate and where to donate. But, how to donate and how to organize your belongings for donation in NYC? What should you do? Before you look for moving companies in Chinatown, declutter your home and sort the items. Decide what to move and what to donate. Here are some tips that may help you organize and pack before moving.

Schedule in the calendar to organize belongings for donation before moving

By donating, you will declutter your home before moving and help people around you

Check room by room

Go from room to room and decide what to donate, what to toss, and what to move to your new home. Try to stay organized and do not try to multitask. Categorize items, determine what is important and what can be donated.

Start early with packing

Give yourself enough time because moving is very stressful. Especially if you are moving out of NYC for the first time. Donate your items immediately, so you will get rid of them and have decluttered and clean home where you can do the rest of the job. If you want to donate large pieces of furniture, you should call the organization and schedule the pick-up date, in advance.

Don’t get too emotional

It is hard to say goodbye to NYC, to your apartment and belongings. But, keep in mind that it is part of the moving process. Getting rid of items will help you settle down after the move faster, and you can get new furniture and decorations. Ask a friend to help you separate items.

Some items cannot be donated

You cannot donate all your belongings before moving out of NYC. For example, broken furniture, notebooks, torn clothing, etc. It is O.K. to throw them out. Organizations will not accept those kinds of items. Stuff you want to donate must be in good condition.

Pack boxes by categories

Do not mix up your belongings. Keep books in one box, clothing in another, etc. Label your boxes, so you will know what is inside when it is time to donate them. Wrap fragile items in air bubble foil, use cardboard boxes, or for clothing, you can use bags.

Drop off the belongings

If you have large items to donate, someone from the organization will come to pick them up. But, clothing and small items, you will need to drop them off by yourself, in most cases. It depends on the organization. Organize your belongings for donation, pack them in the boxes and bags, and make somebody happy.