How to organize your moving day like a pro

The moving day is finally here! But, do not start celebrating just yet. There are some other things you have to finish before you can relax and go to your new home. Yes, we know – you are exhausted, stressed out and in desperate need of sleep. But if you neglect this particular day, the moving day, and not prepare for it well, everything you did so far may go to waste. So, do not let that happen. We are also here to help you out. Thus, if you are interested in some organizational tips and tricks that can help you organize your moving day like a pro whether you are moving cross-country or somewhere around the corner, keep on reading.

Organize Everything Before the Move

If you want to have a stress-free and organized move, it is of key importance to prepare everything in advance. So, the moment you decide that you have to move, hire movers like AM Moving Company Dallas! Professional movers can help you with many tasks – bring packing materials, properly pack everything, deal with all the heavy lifting, disassemble and assemble your new furniture in no time, load and unload the moving truck, and safely relocate it to your new address. But, if you plan on saving some money and having a DIY kind of move, you will have to do all these tasks by yourself. Start on time! Also, do not forget to start preparing all the housing and moving documentation as well. Remember – if you prepared for the move properly, organizing a moving day will be a piece of cake. 

A woman writing a plan as you should do to organize your moving day like a pro.

Prepare and plan ahead of time if you want to organize your moving day like a pro.

Use ‘Moving’ Binders

Binders can be of great help when organizing a move and, of course, the moving day. In them, you should keep all the important documents related to moving. For example – moving contracts, moving checklist, all the receipts of when you let seasoned professionals clean your new apartment or when you let them pack your specialty items, lists of things you are keeping, donating, selling, financial documents, medical, dental, school records, etc. So, to keep it simple, in these moving binders, you should keep all the paperwork and documents that can not be lost. But, do not forget to keep this moving binder somewhere safe, and somewhere where you can always find it. When the moving day arrives, keep it close to you, and constantly check it in order not to forget something important. That can really help you organize your moving day like a pro.

Take Advantage of Customized Checklists

We live in the 21st century, a time of the Internet. So, why not take advantage of that. As we all know, the Internet is a place where you can find pretty much anything. Yes, even checklists. On sites like Pinterest, for example, you can download and browse through many different moving checklists and find the one that suits your move the most. However, there are many sites that can actually motivate you to design your own moving checklist. There, you can write everything important that needs to be done, when it must be done, with whom, etc. You can use this customized checklist if you want to organize your moving day, but do not stop there, use it for organizing your entire process of relocation, or even organizing your new home. The possibilities are endless!

A checklist.

Create your customized checklist online, and print them out. Keep them in your binders!

Label the Boxes While You Pack Them

If you ever moved before, you probably know how important labeling is. If you have not, you are about to. Just imagine – you have a crying baby and it desperately needs its favorite toy. But, if you did not label the boxes, you can not find that toy, right? Then, the only thing you can do is open every box and go through all the items until you find what you need. So, now, you have opened boxes, stuff taken out of them and mess everywhere. This is why labeling is of key importance. It is there to tell you what each box contains in case you need to find and take out something in a hurry. Moreover, labeling is also very important if you have some items that are fragile and delicate. If people handling the boxes are not aware of that, they may break what is inside.

Labeled boxes.

Keep all boxes labeled if you want to have an organized move.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Last but definitely not the least thing on our moving-day-organization list is preparing an essentials bag. However, this is not something you should do on the day of moving. An essential moving bag is assembled a couple of days prior. So, what should you keep in there? Only the most important things you need for your move – moving binders with all the important documents, electronics, medications, toiletries, first aid kit, extra set of clothes, baby stuff, pets stuff, etc. Moreover, if your trip to your new home is longer, then you should also pack some food, snacks, and drinks for the road too. This is especially important if you have kids. Of course, you can customize what you will put inside, and if you need some help or inspiration, go online, see what other people placed in their moving essentials bag and how that helped them. Hopefully, all of this can help you organize your moving day like a pro.