How to organize your Essex County, NJ move during COVID-19 crisis

A lot of people’s plans are canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. There are no sporting events, schools, restaurants. Everything shut down because of this. And it has to be that way if we want to stay safe. But a lot of things couldn’t be postponed such as relocating. Relocating is still allowed but you have to pay special attention to how you are doing it. You will also have to take some extra measures of precaution if you were planning on organizing a move. Plenty of people from New Jersey, more specifically the Essex County, are moving even during this pandemic. And if you are one of them, we gathered some tips that are going to help you organize your move during COVID-19 crisis from Essex County. Even if you aren’t moving to or from New Jersey, you could use these tips for your relocation.

The current situation in New Jersey

Before we get into these relocation organizing tips and what you should do if your move got interrupted by the coronavirus, we want to give you more information about the current situation in New Jersey when it comes to coronavirus. New Jersey as a state has plenty of infected people as well as plenty of deaths caused by the coronavirus. Essex County is a county with a large number of people who are infected by the virus. There are 9,901 positive test results and already 732 deaths as of now. But, sadly, this number is only going to keep growing. And if you are planning to move from New Jersey because it is so unsafe, you need to read the following organization tips.

A boy wearing a protective face mask while trying to move during COVID-19 crisis.

Moving during the pandemic isn’t easy but it is possible.

1. Hiring movers is safe

A lot of people worry that if they want to relocate they won’t be able to do it stress-free as hiring movers could be unsafe. But this isn’t true. Moving companies that are still working such as Gibraltar Van Lines are making sure that they keep both you and their employees as safe as possible. These companies are reliable and they are making sure to test their workers and check their health.


All employees must be healthy in order to work and reliable companies are making sure that they are.

They are making sure that they are all wearing protective gear such as face masks, gloves, and even visors. After every relocation that they make, they clean and disinfect the moving trucks. These are just some of the measures of precaution that they are taking as they want to keep you safe even when relocating from one home to another. Have in mind that Nutley offers reliable movers in Essex County, NJ.

2. Get tested before you move during COVID-19 crisis

The one thing you must absolutely do before you even start organizing your move during COVID-19 crisis is to get tested. This way you are going to make sure that you are not the one spreading the virus. This is extremely important especially if you are moving somewhere where there aren’t a lot of people that have the virus. If you are positive to the virus or someone from your family is, you will have to be in isolation for two weeks. This means that you won’t be able to move. That is why you need to do this before you even start organizing your move during COVID-19 crisis.

3. Get the necessary supplies

Once you get tested and your results are negative, your next step should be getting the necessary supplies in order to move anywhere in Essex County with ease. By this, we mean both the supplies for packing and disinfecting. We recommend getting plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones as they are much easier to clean and carry. They are also reusable which is a great way to make your relocation eco-friendly. What makes them even better is that they are much easier to carry around than cardboard boxes as they usually come with handles. This means that your movers will be able to load and unload the truck much easier during your move during COVID-19 crisis.

Some items packed in a cardboard box.

Get the necessary moving and disinfecting supplies.

You will also need tape for securing the boxes, labels, bubble pack and packing peanuts for fragile and breakable items. The most important thing that you need to purchase is plastic foil. You are going to use this foil for wrapping up all of your furniture and boxes if you purchase cardboard ones. Why? Well, this is going to keep your belongings clean and safe. This plastic foil will keep any dirt and the virus from getting onto your belongings. Remember to clean it with alcohol before the movers bring your wrapped belongings inside.

4. Protect yourself and your family

Protecting your belongings is important but it is more important that you do your best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You will be doing this by cleaning your new home thoroughly as well as your belongings. But the one thing you can’t move without are masks and gloves. Remember to wear them all the time during your relocation. Even though you will be moving with healthy movers, it is still important to keep a distance from your movers.

If you are moving with children or moving with a big family, it would be a good idea to find them a place where they can spend the day. Staying inside is very important even if you have to move during COVID-19 crisis. This is also going to make moving much easier to handle less stressful. Once the move is over, immediately start cleaning everything and wash all the clothes that you were wearing. This is very important. You can never be too safe during these tough times.