Which NYC borough is the right fit for you?

While thinking about moving to New York City you will have to ask yourself which NYC borough is the right fit for you. Each of the five boroughs has its own lifestyle, attracts a different kind of people, and have specific cultural remarks that distinguish them among each other. The city of New York was firstly formed by Manhattan, up until 1898, when other counties were joined.

Which NYC borough is the right fit for you?

New York is composed of five boroughs. Also, each borough is a part of five of New York’s counties:

  • Manhattan – part of the County of New York
  • Brooklyn – part of the County of Kings
  • Queens – County of Queens
  • the Bronx – part of the Bronx County
  • Staten Island – Richmond County


The most famous part of NYC is Manhattan, which is no wonder since it is the oldest part of NYC. It is a long island with the Hudson River surrounding it to the west, East River to the east, and Harlem on the north. Manhattan is a tourist’s heaven and attracts a lot of new residents. However, the cost of living in this NYC borough is incredibly high, and plus, it lacks the living space. Manhattan is maybe the friendliest of the five boroughs. It is a place where you can find everything, from professional moving services like Heart Moving Manhattan NYC to the best restaurants in the area. And its small size provides you can get anywhere in a short amount of time.

Manhattan consists of several districts:

  • Lower Manhattan: The most southern part, the business and the financial district with various governing bodies.
  • Midtown Manhattan: Its most famous area, with its legendary Empire State Building.
  • Upper Manhattan: Upper Manhattan starts in Central Park, and includes Columbia University and the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.
  • Harlem: Where the most famous Apollo Theater is.
  • Washington Heights: Is in the northern part of the island and named after Fort Washington. Made in the eighteenth century to protect the area from the British.

Attractions in Manhattan

A huge percent of the most popular attractions are found in Manhattan. There you will find the amazing Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, and the famous Times Square.


Brooklyn as probably the second most famous district of New York after Manhattan is also one of the most expensive places to live in the US. However, it is not impossible to find a place in your price range in this NYC borough. You can ask relocation experts in Downtown Manhattan moves to provide you with the comparison info. It’s a place of various food and arts, with plenty of museums, parks, and other attractions so moving to Brooklyn may be a great choice.

Attractions in Brooklyn

  • Brooklyn Heights: The area is just under Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a recommendation to walk along the East River where you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful views of Manhattan.
  • Prospect Park: It is the second largest park in New York and probably the most likable spot for many residents.
  • Brooklyn Museum of Art: The second largest museum in New York which holds important Egyptian, African and Central and South American art collections.
  • Beach and amusement park in Coney Island
  • Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan is the most enjoyable way to get to Brooklyn.
  • the Brooklyn bridge makes Brooklyn an appealing NYC borough

    The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States.


Queens is the fastest developing borough of New York City. The economy of Queens is based on art, tourism, and cinema. There is also diversity in housing options, ranging from high rises to more suburban neighborhoods, which makes moving to Queens a good alternative to Manhattan or Brooklyn. There it is also possible to stretch your budget when moving. Queens is the cradle of Jazz and also one of the main rap and hip hop scenes along with the Bronx.

Attractions in Queens

  • The Bowne House, built by John Bowne in 1661, is the oldest house in Queens.
  • U.S. Open Tennis Championship.
  • With Contemporary Art Center P.S.1 museum, the area is great for tourists and art enthusiasts.
  • American Museum of the Moving Image.

The Bronx

The Bronx is the only district in New York located on the mainland. Once was the most notorious part of New York City known for its gang activities and for its poverty-stricken neighborhoods. However, today significantly developed and changed for the better. A wave of new residents has been studying tips for moving into a new house very closely. The Bronx is the cradle of rap and hip hop.

Attractions in the Bronx

  • Bronx Zoo: This zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the states, famous because it successfully recreates the animal’s naturalistic habitats. Therefore, wildlife is not in cages.
  • Yankee Stadium
  • New York Botanical Garden: Gardening paradise and the largest botanical garden in the state of New York.
  • which NYC borough is the right fit for you, maybe the Bronx with it's zoo

    One of the greatest zoos in the world is in the Bronx.

Staten Island

Feeling more like a suburb, Staten Island is the kind of place where you get family neighborhood feel that you don’t get elsewhere in the city. Staten Island is the smallest NYC borough in the city, counting the number of residents. If you are working in Brooklyn or Manhattan it will be long commuting. However, if you enjoy family life and you want that sort of a community, go for it. If you study the ultimate unpacking checklist, you will feel home again very soon. For many people, the long ride to Staten Island is worth the beautiful ferry ride, the great way to see and enjoy the skyline of Manhattan.

Attractions in Staten Island

  • Staten Island is a place of colonial buildings.
  • Historic Richmond Town – a restored rural town with houses dating from the seventeenth century is one of Staten Island’s most rewarding attractions to visit.
  • Fort Wadsworth is a fort built by the Dutch during the seventeenth century, with the main task to protect from the enemy ships.
  • The Staten Island Ferry – the most famous ferry, going between Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan and St. George on Staten Island.
  • Verrazano-Narrows Bridge – the longest suspension bridge in the U.S. The bridge bears the name of the first explorer that discovers the island.
  • Staten Island ferry with a beautiful view

    One of the last remaining in New York City.

Whether you are a young millennial looking for an active place with plenty of job opportunities, or you have a family and want some prosperous place to settle in, NYC has a lot to offer. Thanks to its diversity it is possible to find something for everyone, and something for anybody’s taste. As a result, only one thing remaining and it is to decide which NYC borough is the right fit for you so you can get your plans in motion.