Northern Virginia moving guide for military families

Military families are moving often which can be exhausting and stressful, especially for kids. Northern Virginia has a strong military population and a large federal workforce, and this is why many military families need to move here. It is easy to move when you have a PCS checklist with you, this is why we have created a simple guide for you to follow. If you are looking for Northern Virginia moving guide for military families, this is a place for you. Everything you should know and tips on how to prepare yourself and your family for relocation is here.

A veteran and two kids.
Having a family and being in a military is not easy – one of the downsides is that you need to move a lot

About Northern Virginia

NoVA (Northern Virginia) has more than 200,000 veteran population and this is why it has a rich military culture. Fairfax County, Arlington County, and Alexandria City are 3 places perfect for military families, so you should consider them to move to. If you are one of the families that move often then you are already familiar with this process, but every city is special and every relocation is different.

There are many great schools for kids, museums, events, and a lot of entertainment options. Living in Northern Virginia is also beneficial because it is near military bases such as Andrews AFB, Fort Belvoir, Walter Reed, The Pentagon, Quantico, Marine Barracks, Naval Medical Center, and many more.

If you want to live in Washington DC or near this city, expect to pay more for housing. The costs of living there are a little bit higher.

One of the first steps when moving to a new area is to choose a neighborhood to move to. Luckily, NoVA has a lot of options, especially for military families. Some of the neighborhoods that are popular among veterans and military families are:

  • Long Branch
  • Cameron Station
  • Arlandria
  • Bent Tree
  • Clifton
  • Crosspointe
  • Burke Center Conservancy
  • Ballston-Virginia Square
  • Kings Park
  • Falls Church City
  • South Run Oaks
USA flag.
NoVA is one of the most popular places for military families

Northern Virginia moving guide for military families

Having a Northern Virginia moving guide for military families can be very helpful, even if you are not new at this. It is not only about finding a transportation company and packing, but moving is also much more, especially when moving with a family. If your spouse is changing a station permanently and you need to follow him/her, then be fully prepared and make your relocation easier and less stressful.

Moving boxes.
When moving often, you will get used to it, but at the beginning you need to have a guide

Start planning

Start planning but not too soon. You will have enough time to prepare after receiving an order to move. When you or your spouse get an order to move to another station, you will have a couple of months to prepare, usually it is the case.

Create a PCS moving checklist

Every move is easier when you have a to-do list. Do step by step and follow the list – you can download it online, and save your time. Also, create a moving binder because you are going to need paperwork more often when moving more frequently. Keep all documents in the same file and organize it.

Book a moving company

To move with ease and to transport all your items safely, you should hire a moving company from Northern Virginia to help you out. Research companies, pick the best for you, and book them. Start with researching online. One of the company’s websites to visit is since they have experience with military relocations.

Declutter your home

Decide what to move and what to leave, and also, put your house on a “diet”. That means to use food you already have in the fridge and freezer because you cannot move perishable food. When moving often, people are usually know how to pack and what to pack. If it is your first time, just move items you have used in the past 6 months and move the items you definitely need.

Take inventory

Because you are probably moving a lot, some of the items may get lost or damaged. Keep an inventory of all your items and be organized. Every Northern Virginia moving guide for military families will recommend you to do that especially for valuables and items with emotional value.

Renting a storage unit

If you did not find a home in Northern Virginia yet, or it is too small for all your belongings, find a storage solution that will meet all your needs. This way, you don’t need to get rid of your possessions even if you are moving frequently as a military family.

Include your family in the moving process

Since you are moving with your family, include them in the process too. Kids can also help with packing and cleaning. Moving is stressful for them too, so have a conversation and prepare them.

Pack and label boxes

Pack a few boxes every day and do not rush things. If you are moving in a hurry, ask for help, friends, or better – professional packers since they have experience and al the right equipment and knowledge. They will handle packing and transport to your new destination faster while you are focusing on other moving tasks.

Pack an essential moving box

An essential moving box is a box that you will open first, probably during the moving too. When moving with kids, you will pack more items such as toys, snacks, more clothing, etc. It is one of the challenges every military family faces when moving because moving is hard and stressful for kids too.

Clean your new home

After moving, clean your home before unpacking because it is much easier to clean it when it is empty. An essential moving box will be handy here if you pack cleaning supplies and items for the first night in your new home. Your relocation will be easier when you have Northern Virginia moving guide for military families, including unpacking and settling down.