Nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family

If you plan on moving to someplace new in order to start fresh and raise a family, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. For instance, you should consider moving to a place that is family-friendly, safe, and affordable. Moreover, that place should also have job opportunities for you and great schools and free-time activities for your little ones. Believe it or not, but you can find plenty of places like these on the West Coast. Just imagine living close to the sunny beaches of California, to the mysterious forests of Oregon, or even to the mesmerizing lakes and mountains of Washington State. Yes, you can pair these exciting sights with places that are perfect for those with families or those planning to start one soon. And, today, we will mention all those nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family. So, if this is something you are interested in, then keep on reading.

San Ramon

The number one place on our list of all the nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family is definitely San Ramon. This Californian city is perfect for families who are looking for affordable housing and who are moving on a budget. Namely, San Ramon has some of the cheapest real estate options as well as some of the lowest housing costs.

Moreover, no matter what kind of education and skills you may have, finding a job that will support the entire family is more than possible here! But, that is not all. Another reason why all families should consider moving to San Ramon is the fact that this city is also one of the safest cities on the West Coast. This means that you can send your kids alone to school without worrying about their safety!

A boy and a girl holding hands and walking  in one of the nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family
If you were looking for some of the nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family, San Ramon is a place you should
definitely consider.


The next city on our list of the nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family is Claremont. This rather small Californian city is located in Los Angeles County. It doesn’t have a large population, but be sure that all the people here will soon become not only your close friends but also friends who can help you raise your children too! Claremont is famous for having tight-knit communities that just stick together!

However, since the city is relatively small, finding a job may be difficult. But, there is nothing to worry about. Claremont is very close to other bigger cities and it has a well-developed transportation system – so, commuting for work will not be a problem. Thus, if you were on the look for a small city that is close to different metropolitan areas you can go when necessary, take Claremont into consideration. Moving there is also easy – certified teams can handle this relocation in no time.


Another Californian city – and a pleasant one, as its name suggests. According to many people, Pleasanton is one of the best cities in the USA for families because it offers comfortable living conditions. Let us clarify that. Namely, this city has one of the fastest-growing economies in California. So, finding a well-paying job, one that suits your education and your skills is more than possible here.

And, once you use that (big) salary to pay for all of your housing costs, utilities, food, etc., you will still have plenty of money left to spend on your family. This means sending your children to extracurricular activities, sports, languages, and even to private schools. You too can enjoy this – Pleasanton is full of shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. As you can see, people love this city because it is relatively cheap and because it offers a possibility to earn a lot.

A mother and three kids on the beach.
It just goes without saying that everybody enjoys living in Pleasanton – it is great for people of all walks of life.

Paolo Alto

Paolo Alto is a very small city. Most people living on the West Coast have never even heard of it. But, that is unfortunate as this small city has plenty of things it can boast about. One of those things is education! Children attending schools here rank very high, especially in those colleges that are hard to get in. Fun fact – children from Paolo Alto always win in state math competitions. So, if you want your child to go to some of these high-achieving schools and be friends with some of the brightest children, you know where to move. Just call and they will help you arrange the entire move while you look for the best school for your child.

Of course, you should not move to a city just because schools are great there. But, who says that schools are all Paolo Alto has to offer? What comes after school is also important – and, yes, you can find that here too! Companies and Factories are constantly being opened in Paolo Alto, and there are always jobs for both locals and ex-pats.

Children running in school.
If your children’s education is what matters the most to you, you already know that Paolo Alto is where you should go.


Last but certainly not the least among the nicest places on the West Coast to raise a family is Hillsboro. And, for the first time in this article, we have a city that is not in California! Hillsboro is a city in Oregon! It is great for families for many reasons, but the most important one is the children’s healthcare – that is, the affordability of it. Moreover, real estate prices (for both renting and buying) as well as all the housing costs, are way below average. So, if you are looking for a way to cut your costs, you may want to consider moving to Hillsboro.

You will certainly love Hillsboro. Besides affordability, this city prides itself on having top-notch schools, great housing options, and plenty of family-friendly things to do on those days off. And, most of those activities do not cost anything! Festivals, concerts, and all sorts of events happening all year round are completely free for all family members. Thus, store those toys and prepare yourself and your little ones for time outside!