Moving your LA-based bar to a bigger space

Having a business is amazing. Especially when you live in a city like LA. LA is a place where most businesses succeed because a lot of people live in Los Angeles. This means that the market is huge and this is the perfect environment for business owners. And a business such as having a bar is the best one to have when living in LA. This is a party town, to say the least. People who live there love going out and there are thousands of people who don’t live there and still love going out to LA. For those who own bars, this is the best thing. And you probably know so too as you are currently here, searching for tips for moving your LA-based bar to a bigger space. You have been having a lot of busy nights and days if you really need to relocate a bar to a bigger space.

This certainly is a good thing. But moving isn’t. Moving can be very stressful. Especially as it is commercial moving. Besides, moving a bar isn’t easy at all. There are plenty of things that go into a bar that are very challenging to relocate. And it is probably why you are here for searching for tips. So, fear not as you are just where you are supposed to be. As professionals, we have decided to write some of our best bar-moving tips for you to read and use for your upcoming bar relocation.

Moving a bar isn’t easy at all.

Do you really need to move?

The first thing to ask yourself before you decide that moving your LA-based bar is what you need to be doing is to ask yourself whether this is really something you should be doing. Moving isn’t easy. Especially when it’s commercial moving. Offices are challenging to move. You can only imagine how hard moving a bar can be… That is why you definitely need to consider other options. Options such as remodeling your current bar or expanding your business by opening another bar in LA. But if none of the options seem to be working out for you, then moving your LA-based bar to a bigger space is definitely the thing that needs to be done.

Organize everything months in advance

We all want these sorts of things to last as short as possible. But sadly, relocation is not one of those things. A relocation is going to last a long time and so is planning it. And you need to make sure that you start planning your relocation on time. When planning a serious relocation such as this one, you need to do it months in advance. The minimum amount of time you need to organize a successful commercial move is two months. And there are dozens of reasons why you need to leave this much time between organizing and the actual move.

A man sitting at his desk in an office and looking at hismobile phone.
You need to have a very detailed plan for your move and you need to have it at least two months before moving day.

Hire reliable movers to help you

Moving any business without the help of a moving company is definitely a bad idea. You need professional help if you want to keep your relocation professional and stress-free. But the movers you are hiring need to be experienced and trustworthy. Moving with an unreliable moving company can bring both you and your business a lot of harm. That is why hiring is definitely a good idea. Moving companies such as this one can definitely guarantee their customers a stress-free move so make sure the one you hire can too. But make sure you read their online moving reviews first.

Movers are important to have by your side for dozens of reasons. They make moving more professional, faster, and easier to handle. Moving with movers is also the safest way to move. As they are experienced and professional, they know how to do certain things better than you do. And these are usually tasks that can result in you getting injured such as lifting and carrying something very heavy. You can’t possibly have your billiard table transported with ease without professional help.

Get the right packing supplies

When moving your LA-based bar, you need to make sure that you use the right packing supplies. We are talking about moving a bar and which material is mostly based in bars? That’s right, glass. You have glass bottles, glasses, decorative pieces, mirrors, sometimes even tables. And glass is the easiest to break while relocating. This can cause you a huge expense after moving. And moving is already going to be a huge expense altogether especially after the hidden moving costs.

Broken glass.
Glass is very fragile. You need to pack it properly.

Here’s a list of the supplies that you are going to need:

  • sturdy, good-quality cardboard boxes
  • plastic boxes
  • a lot of bubble pack
  • a lot of wrapping foil
  • packing peanuts
  • plenty of packing tape and tape dispensers
  • ropes
  • blankets
  • cleaning supplies to get everything in peak condition after packing.

All of these things will come in handy while you are packing for a move. And have in mind that packing a bar is not any less easy than moving it. It has to be done very carefully. This is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. You also need to do this with help from tips and tricks that you find online. But what we believe is the best hack is to, again, hire professionals to do this for you. This will take a lot of time and if you don’t have much of it, leaving the packing to professionals is the best thing you can do.