Tips for moving with your pet

Well you packed all your belongings and it is time to move to your new home. You think you figured it all and solved everything. But it strikes you and you remember you need to move with your pet too. You must be thinking it is a simple process and you just put them in your car and problems disappear. But you notice that your pet is upset and scared. And they do not want separate from place they slept. At that moment you realize that besides their favorite toys, you cannot just move their favorite place in the backyard. Their favorite tree and the habits they have in your old home. You must understand that your pet take moving emotionally as much as you do. As for you as well as them, this is a new experience. They do not know what to expect. So, let’s talk some more about moving with your pet.

Preparing your pet for the big move 

As you prepare yourself you need to take proper care of your pets as well. You can compare moving with your pet with moving with  kids. They have feeling, memories, and are tied to the old home. They have their favorite place and their habits. And all of a sudden they renounce it. They can feel sadness, stress, nervousness and anxiety. Since they are realizing something big is going on. Sincere advice we can provide you here is that you pack as quietly as possible. And the backyard rush anything, take several days to prepare your pet for the big day.  Always bear in mind that this is a new experience for you and imagine how it is for them. Consider the safest mode of transport, the visit to the vet, where you are going to speak about their condition, before moving. Do not forget that visiting a veterinarian before moving is a must. 

Your pet

Your pet is like a child and you need to take care of it with proper care.

Method of transportation for your pet 

Here you must understand that you cannot move fish, horses, dogs, iguanas or guinea pigs in the same way. First of all thing about your pet type. What animal you have as your pet? You do understand that each of these mentioned animals require a special treatment. You cant just transport some animals with your own vehicle. Therefore, you can rent a special service that deals with that.  We are aware that dogs and cats are the most common domestic animals to be transported. With this in mind, you are sure to know that there are various bags and plastic carriers for their transportation. If you are tackling a long distance move, flight is the best solution for you. But flying with animals is not a very simple process. Also, you can transport your pet in a kennel by car or buckle them with pet seatbelts. 

Your pet , furry friend

Your pet will feel something big is coming.

Packing your belongings 

Well no need to tell you that cats, for example, are not huge fans of change. But you can surely help both cats and dogs adjust to the big move. Therefore, you can do this by bringing in moving boxes early in the process. Also, you can keep your pet in a familiar room that you leave for the last room to pack up. Best advice to provide all of you here is the following. On the big day of the move, keep your pet, in a separate from with the door shut. Or in case you have a friend they are familiar with you can leave them with them. This ensures that your furry friends do not get scared and try to get away while movers load up the truck. It is crucial here, that throughout the relocation process you keep your pet’s routine as close to normal one.

Your pet the small dog

Smaller dogs are easier to transport.

New adventure  – moving with your pet is just that

The moment you arrive to your new home after all the chaos and hiatus.  Do not just yet set your dog or cat loose to explore. Furthermore, new and unfamiliar space can be overwhelming for you let alone your pet. My honest tips here is that you allow them to adjust to single room. Let the name of this room be home base. Here make sure that you unpack their toys, treats food bowls or litter box for cats. Once you notice that they feel comfortable, you can take them to a new room. Basically slowly introduce them to every other room in the house. But make sure to keep the other room doors shut. You can relocate your pet’s litter box from the home base room to a more permanent place of residence.  Patience is a virtue. And with that your cat or dog will be king or queen of your new home in no time. 

Packing alongside your pet

You have to give yourself enough time to pack in order to be move with your pet

This a difficult process for all of you participating in the move, then imagine how it is for your pets. Of course, there will be days of chaos and hiatus present. But with that in mind I advise you to keep your head up. Bear in mind that this is a stressful and new experience for you, and for them, so plan everything carefully and do not rush to finish everything in one day. New home is only a start of many fond memories to make. In time you will settle in alongside your family and your pets follow. Imagine all the new ways of fun you can have when moving with your pet. Everything is new for both of you so explore that. Separate from Give your pets a little time to adjust to change and they will be happier and more grateful because you care about their needs.