Moving with children – quick guide

When it comes to moving with children, there is no easy way out. Stress is a must. The best thing you can do is ease the tension and stress in hopes of making a smoother move. The hardest part is definitely telling the kids the news and actually making a plan for the move. Do not get surprised in case that your kids do not share the positivity for the move like you. Moving comes stressful enough for us adults alone.  And in case of a kid with the lowest level of tolerance, it is far worse.  The point to make is that they rarely relish the change of this magnitude. But as with everything, there is a way to smooth it out and make it less painful for the entire family. Fortunately for most parents, there are steps to let your kids share in the experience.

moving with children

Prepare everything a few months in advance.

 Moving with children essential tips:  

Start your way to a successful move with proper packing. Essential here is to pack the house while the kids are asleep, toys included. Of course, leave one box with toys open so they have something to play with until the very end. Moreover, the thing is that you need more help with kids than with packing. But in the good case, you can include family or friends to help you. It’s a simple idea, make them entertain the young ones in the part of the house that you are not packing. Furthermore, when looking with help with packing friends can assist with that too when there are no kids in sight. Best advice spread around among friends is to use color-coded duct tape. So possible as a recognition, label your daughter’s stuff with red, and boys in blue or other.  Yellow tape for the kitchen; and so on.

moving with children

Thing to remember is that your kids level of tolerance is lower than yours!

Moving with children plan making:

As with every move you need to starts in advance. But when kids are involved that planning time is on another level. Days on the calendar are going in twice the speed. And with your hands too full with kids, that time is going to be around the corner in no time.  Try to say goodbye to your old house on the morning of the move. Your kids might not want to leave the house but indulge them in this little play. Walk through each room and wave goodbye and thanks for the memories. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you.  Moving with children is already too exhausting on its own. Even for adults, it can be disorienting and emotional. For kids alone, there are cases where it took them a full year to recover. So bear with them on this journey.

moving with children

Your kids will need time to recover from the moving stress.


Before kids make their desired room choice it takes time to make it their room.  Final tip, children thrive on predictable things happening at usual times. That helps a bunch and makes you feel less scattered as well. Many people did this and you are not alone during this. Remember that.