Tips for moving with a toddler

Moving is already stressful even without babies and toddlers. Only imagine moving with a toddler. That is why you should ask for advice on how to handle a move and do it right. Moving with a toddler is exhausting and you will have a lot more obligations and obstacles than usually.

Tips for moving with a toddler – do it right

You are already doing the first step when moving with a toddler. That step is researching and learning new things and searching for tips. So, let’s start.

A family moving with a toddler.

Spend time with your family while moving and packing.

Pack as soon as you can

Toddlers and young kids can take you a lot of time. You must play with them, cook their food, give them attention, etc. So, do not think that you have a lot of time to pack. Besides packing and taking care of your kid(s), you will have other obligations too. Changing address, transferring documents, searching for a new home…The best solution is to start as soon as you can. That is how you will make fewer mistakes and you will not forget anything.

  • While packing, avoid having large stacks because toddlers love to climb and to explore.
  • Moving with a toddler requires a lot of attention. So, put the safety on the first place during packing.
  • Falling furniture during moving and packing sends almost 40,000 people each year to the hospital.

Pack your boxes during sleep time

The best time to pack your boxes is while your kid is sleeping. That is how you can have a full attention on packing and you will not forget anything. Many parents doing their daily tasks during bedtime. So, this is a rule for packing too. Also, use that time to relax a little bit. Read a book, watch your favorite movie, spend time with your partner or listen to music. It is impossible to pack your boxes while your kid is running around, especially to pack fragile items.

Hire help

Packing and preparing your move only during a bedtime is difficult. We highly recommend you to hire a babysitting or a childcare. Another option is to call your friend or a family member to help you with your baby. They can go to the park to play while you are taking care of your obligations. Not only this will help you with your time so you will finish faster, but also it is a very good solution for their safety.

Another type of help is help from moving company. On a moving day, you do not are you going to load and unload your boxes to the vehicle or to calm down your child. Hiring a reliable moving company will give you a chance to be with your toddler and to have stressless move and safe transportation of your belongings.

Pack your “parent’s box”

It is an essential moving box for your baby. You never know what can go wrong, unfortunately. Pack this box one day before moving day and have a smooth move where nothing can surprise you. What should you pack and always have with you on a moving day and for a few days after a move for your toddler?

  • Clean clothing.
  • Personal hygiene supplies.
  • Diapers and wipes.
  • Baby food, milk, and other drinks.
  • A favorite toy and one new toy.
  • Songs.
  • Coloring books.

Of course, each kid is different and only you know what is best for him/her. This is just an example what parents should have with them on a moving day.

Tips for moving with a toddler – how to do it right?

When you moving it is also important to know what not do to. Parents are often making a mistake by doing things they should not. But, do not worry, we can prepare you for your big move. Household relocation can be hards, but by following these tips it should not be.

A kid with a toy.

Your toddler might feel sad if you do not pay enough attention during moving.

Do not pack baby items first

When you start packing your belongings, do not pack baby items first. Many parents want to pack the noisy toys immediately or big stuffed animals toys, but it is not a good idea. You should pack all those items one week before moving day, for example. Why? It is a big change to your kid too, and kids can feel that something is going on even if they are little. They can feel your stress. Hunting through boxes only to find a toy is exhausting. And when you pack it, label boxes. You should unpack that box as soon as possible. Organize your moving and packing according to toddler’s needs.

Do not move in a rental truck

Do not put your toddler in a rental truck. The best solution is to drive your own vehicle or to move with a plane with children. Rental trucks are well equipped and safe, but they are not comfortable and safe for moving with babies or kids. Because trucks are only equipped with two or maximum three bucket seats up front (there are no seats in the back).

Do not forget to secure your new home

Your job is not finished after moving day, unfortunately. You must secure your new home immediately after moving. That include covering electrical outlets with covers because they will touch everything. Do you have stairs in your new home? If the answer is yes, then put the fence. Also, do not forget to unpack the nursery first.

Wherever you move, we highly recommend you to hire a moving company. They will transport your items and help you a lot. Having a toddler and moving with a toddler is one of the most difficult tasks. If your moving budget is small, do not worry, there are a lot of affordable moving companies who will offer you a great deal.