Moving to the USA from East Asia

The American dream is the most common reason for moving to the USA. Although even many Americans stopped believing in it, the rest of the world still considers the USA a country of opportunities. Having in mind all the chances you have in the States, you can’t really argue that. In the recent years, the more and more people are moving to the USA from East Asia. Hence, we decided to make it easier for them to relocate to the US. There are many things to think about before you change the Far East for the USA, but we won’t talk about all of them. This will be more an article to make you think about what waits for you after the relocation, and what moving problems you might meet along the way. Let’s get to the point!

Why do Asians move to the Land of Opportunity?

Relocating from the Far East to the States - quite a few reasons why people do this

There are quite a few reasons why people are relocating from the Far East to the States

Not all of the countries in Asia are low-developed. China, Japan, and South Korea are an example of how much growth the Asian countries are achieving lately. Still, their citizens are looking for opportunities to move to the United States of America. This means that the American dream is still alive. When you look at the development of the overall system, the number of multinational corporations and the number of the fast-growing startups, you get the picture of why moving to the USA from East Asia is growing in popularity. Besides the business opportunities, many East Asia people are moving to the US for the education. Not only that the education in the States is among the top worldwide, but also you get an opportunity to use that knowledge immediately after you graduate. Not many countries offer that opportunity.

What to pay attention if moving to the USA from East Asia?

First of all, this is a long, long distance journey. you must prepare for it properly. There are several things you need to prepare for:

  • Psychological preparations for a cultural shock- The western culture is completely different from the eastern. This is the first thing to think about and prepare for if moving from to the USA from East Asia.
  • Preparing for a long, long distance move- We’re talking about thousands of miles. The most of which you’ll travel by plane.
  • Preparations for life in the States- Do you know what the bosses could expect from you when applying for a job in the USA? Or how to search for a housing?
  • Moving to the USA from East Asia is a very difficult task

    Moving to the USA from East Asia is a demanding venture

Psychological aspect of relocation from East Asia to the US

The differences among cultures vary. Depending on where you lived back in Japan or China for example. If you lived in Tokyo or another metropolis in Asia, you might find it easier to adopt a new way of life after relocating from the Far East to the USA. Because moving from Japan to the States, for example from Tokyo to NYC, would be difficult from the cultural aspect, but a lot easier than changing a Japanese village for a metropolis in the USA. What you, as an Asian, must prepare for is a shock the moment you move to the States. The system of value, the way of life, the language, and the everyday life will be completely different than what you got used to.

Hence, we suggest you visit the States as a tourist before moving to the USA from East Asia. Check whether or not you’re capable of overcoming the initial crisis. There will be a crisis at the beginning, count on it for sure. But if you think you’re strong enough, and that those differences are not that problematic, then make a final decision and prepare for moving from Asia to the Land of Opportunity. It would be a big plus if you can speak the language. Moving to a foreign country not knowing the language is an additional difficulty that can make things a lot more complicated.

Such a long distance move requires top moving professionals

For moving from the Far East to the USA, hire only the top intercontinental moving professionals

Hire the best intercontinental moving professionals, you’re gonna need them for moving to the States from the Far East

When dealing with the intercontinental relocation, you must be sure that your moving company is capable of doing everything trouble-free. Any problem that you might experience during this kind of relocation might mean huge troubles. Financially and psychologically. Prevent this by being very cautious with the search for international movers. Our followers pointed out Kokusai Express Moving as one of the best international movers they had an opportunity to cooperate with. So it might be a good company to consider for moving to the States from an East Asian country. However, whatever your choice is, make sure that you hire a licensed, reputable, and quality moving company. First, check this, and only after that take care of lowering the costs of your international move.

Besides the moving company, given that you might be moving from a big house to an American metropolis, consider leaving some stuff back home, or think about the storage. There are storage units in Japan that could keep your belongings safe until you decide what shall you do with them. Perhaps you want to still have them waiting for you in case you change your mind after a while, and head back to Japan. Making sure that a moving company owns a storage facility you’re solving the issue of finding a good storage too. And, if you didn’t think about that, given that the States are more expensive than the most of Japan (excluding here some of the biggest Japanese cities like Tokyo or Nagoya), you’ll probably be moving to a smaller home. So think about this when choosing the belongings to move to the States from the Far East.

Adjusting to the everyday life as an Asian expat in the States

There are tons of things you need to adjust to when you relocate to the States from East Asia. For example, you’ll need a job. Do you know what your potential employer might expect from you? Or how should you represent yourself at an interview? Besides this, are you familiar with how the housing market works in the US? There are thousands of scams, do you know how to avoid them? This is exactly why we suggested you should visit the Land of LIberty. Talk to the people. Find out how the things work. Educate yourself a lot before moving. This is essential to avoid troubles of feeling like a stranger in your new country.