Things You Must Know Before Moving To Michigan

Thinking about moving to Michigan? Either you fell in love, you’re pursuing your career or you just like the cold. Whatever the reason – here’s a few helpful facts you must know before deciding to move to Michigan. This ‘little’ state with a population of  just under 10 mil does have plenty to offer. From cheap housing, lots of sport events and gorgeous landscapes there should be a little bit of everything for everyone. Arguably. Michigan will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. Those who do fancy it, however, wouldn’t trade it for the world! Here’s a few things that you must know before planning to move there.

Map of Michiga

Moving To Michigan = Loving The Cold!

The weather is a very important factor. Maybe not as much when you’re visiting, but when you’re planning on living there it takes the stand. Michigan has very cold, very snowy and very long winters. Now this may not be good news for everyone, but I loved it! Let’s talk numbers. The temperatures and the amount of snow will differ based on where you are located, but these will be small estimates. The temperature can plummet down to insane -51F! Amount of snow can vary from 31 inches up to 207 inches. If you’re not built to withstand such winters – you’re not built for Michigan and you don’t have to read any further.

Moving to Michigan means Moving to Cold!

Michigan winters can be harsh and beautiful.

Still here? Good, because there’s still plenty of fun things to do in long, cold winters. I’m a couch potato myself, and my winter activities will include seeing the upcoming winter in Westeros. But this is not the way to go. True Michiganders love their winters and cherish all the outdoor activities they have. Some of them are – ice fishing, tubing, sledding, dog sledding, snowmobiling, skiing hunting, ice climbing and cross country.

Low Cost of Living

It’s a well known fact by now – Michigan has had a rough time with its economy. In spite of all this the state is recovering and will continue to do so. Whilst it does the cost of living is absurdly low, and I really mean that! If we were to look at an index of 100, Michigan’s cost of living would be at an 88. This is just 12 points lower than the national average. Furthermore, you are looking at an average home value of $117.000!

On top of all, if you’d start running really low on cash you can always turn in all those recyclables! Whilst in Michigan you’re getting double than what other states give back for recyclable materials. We’re talking about 10 cent / bottle, or 10 cent / can!

Michigan’s Big on Football!

Regardless of how big football is where you’re coming for, in Michigan you will follow it religiously. Sunday’s will seize to be church days and will become game days. And whether you like it or not this will become a part of your everyday life. Be it NFL or College football, it will make most of dinner conversations in Michigan. This will give you a very good shot at bonding with your new MI friends!

Michigan State vs Michigan, endless rivalry

Michigan is very big on its football teams!

When it comes to NFL most people will be cheering for the Lions on game-day. But when it comes to college football people will be split between Michigan and Michigan State. This very rivalry has ended countless thanksgiving dinners and people take it seriously. Chose your side wisely!

Lastly, whatever and however you chose – there is one thing Michiganders agree on. Moving to Michigan implies that Ohio State Hate is a mandatory feeling and one of the few things Michiganders will agree on unanimously!

Crime Rates – Fear The Wildlife, Not The City Streets

You basically have better odds at being startled by a deer than a mugger. Crime is not non-existent, but overall it is far lower than most places. Even though Northern Michigan is one of the safest places to look at – you can find safe neighborhoods pretty much anywhere. Even Detroit has nice and safe neighborhoods. For instance – Sherwood Forest has a 60 percent lower crime rate than the rest of the city. On top of that, cities like Grand Rapids and Northville are rated A or above with their crime rates.

This is exactly why Michigan is absolutely perfect for starting a family – carefree.

Michigan Nightlife

Moving to Michigan means moving to a nightlife rich state.

Michigan nightlife is very lively and offers a little bit of something for everyone.

Moving to Michigan has another perk that is, again, not everyone’s thing. But it’s good to know it’s there and available for whenever you might want to indulge yourself. From Detroit all the way to Plymouth and Howell. From nightclubs to lounges and bars. There is going to be a bit of something for everyone – from chill jazz joints to loud techno events. From concerts to cocktails bars.

Honorable Mentions

If you’ve made it this far you deserve a few honorable mentions that will give you far better insight into what Michigan life looks like.

If you're going to be moving to Michigan you will be eating these bad boys often!

Coney Dog is one of the Michigan – Musts!

  • Coney Dogs will change your life!
  • Michiganders sign up for credit cards to use them as ice scrappers
  • Wool Socks are a must!
  • Michigan is the Cherry Capital of the world!
  • Discover Cornish Pastry!
  • Michigan has 124 craft breweries!
  • and most importantly… Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville!

I’ve been happy in Michigan. Truly happy. Me and the wife are very different, yet Michigan is able to provide stuff to do for both of us. We love its winter,  the people here,  the countless things you can do outside; we love the food and the nightlife, our fireplace and we love our Coney Dogs. Heck, we even learned to love the snow.

While it may not be for everyone, this cold place will warm your heart in ways you never thought existed. Just give moving to Michigan a chance and you’ll never call any other place home again!