All you need to know when moving to Massachusetts

Sports, great education, amazing nature, clam chowder, and beaches. It seems like there is hardly anything to dislike about Massachusetts. Therefore, if you are considering moving to Massachusetts, congrats! But before packing your suitcases and loading a moving truck you should probably get to know, this amazing state, a bit closer.

moving to massachusetts

Move to one the most diverse states in the U.S.!

Interesting facts you need to know about Massachusetts

moving to massachusetts

Houses in Massachusetts usually have a long and colorful history

History and Historical Monuments.

Massachusetts has a rich history, and as it has played a crucial role in the foundation of the nation, the important landmarks can be found everywhere.

Therefore, watch out when thinking about moving to Massachusetts and buying that beautiful old house, that looks like it came from a catalog cover. A lot of buildings in Massachusetts are some type of a historical landmark. So, the chances are you won’t be allowed to make any home improvements if your home is more 100 years old.

Moving to Massachusetts means moving to the state of inventions and Americas’ firsts!

  • Basketball and volleyball were invented in MA!

James Naismith, then Springfield College graduate, invented basketball in 1891 while living in Springfield. Four years later, in 1895, Willian G. Morgan invented “Mintonette”. This sport, that origins from Holyoke, became popular and got it named changed to “volleyball” years later.

  • The first digital computer in the World was invented at MIT in 1951!

It was called Whirlwind I and it was made for Navy purposes.

  • The oldest educational institutions in the U.S. were established in Massachusetts! 

    moving to massachusetts

    Massachusetts- the state of PhDs!

Boston Latin, established in 1635, is the oldest school in the country. A year later, the oldest higher institution, Harvard University, opened its classrooms for the first time.

Massachusetts is one of the states with the highest number of residents with a PhD diploma. Besides having Ivy League universities, like Harvard and MIT, Massachusetts also has a great elementary and high school education!

  • “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you”

These were the first words ever said by telephone in 1876, in Boston, by Alexander Graham Bell.


Also, known as Webster Lake, is a lake in the city of Webster, MA.

The right translation for this inconveniently long name would be: “English knifemen and Nipmuck Indians at the boundary or neutral fishing place ”

Sports, sports, and more sports!

The Red Sox, The Bruins, and The Patriots. There is just no way to live in Massachusetts and not be a sports fan!

The food!

Clam chowder just can’t get any better than this! Many New England’s restaurants have special recipes for this famous meal.

Seafood is great in Massachusetts and the day’s specials are usually a fresh catch!

Dunkin Donuts shops are everywhere! Need we say more?

Diversity and equality!

Everyone is welcome in MA! Therefore, one of the best things about moving to Massachusetts will probably be the culture. It is all about civil and LGBTQ rights in MA. Due to this, MA was the first state to declare it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

Things to know before moving to Massachusetts

There are many more interesting facts about the history and culture  of Massachusets. We will let you discover them on your own and focus on the practical information you need for your move.

You will need a plan when moving to Massachusetts

There is just no way to stress enough how important the moving plan can be. Even though, relocation is an exciting process it can get messy and stressful if you don’t plan ahead.  Here a list of most important instructions for an American moving anywhere:

Take your time!

moving to Massachusetts moving plan

Make a detailed moving plan

You probably have some kind of a personal deadline for your move. Or it can be that you have a specific date to show up for your new job in Massachusetts. Whatever the reason may be, you need to give yourself enough time for planning, so start as soon as possible.

As moving is a long process so is the planning. If you give yourself just one day for planning the whole relocation the chances are you will forget something. Get a special planner just for your move and write down the reminders on a daily basis.

Create a packing checklist!

Make sure you don’t forget anything! Creating a packing checklist will remind you which are the most important belongings you need to pack. Also, it may help you remember anything else you need to do. Have you canceled your cable? No? Write that down!

When it comes to the packing process, we all tend to get attached to our possessions. So, we keep dragging with us, that broken souvenir or a shirt that doesn’t fit anymore. The best solution for this is to create a packing evaluation. Create 3 piles: keep, donate/give and trash. Don’t overthink this part of the process. Focus on the new life ahead of you and get rid of everything you don’t need.

Label your boxes!

It sounds pretty basic, but it is surprising how many people forget to do so. Properly labeling your boxes will help you in the long run! The day after the move will be the time for unpacking and settling in. Therefore, if you want to avoid a mess and panic attacks when looking for essentials, grab a pen and start labeling!

Choose a reliable moving company when moving to Massachusetts.

moving to massachusetts

Hiring a reliable mover will ensure your belongings travel safe!

The most important thing not to overlook is the actual moving process. Choosing the right moving company will make your move much easier!  This should also be a step you should give yourself time to plan.

The first and most important thing, when hiring the best mover, is to research in advance. Find 10 moving companies that suit you at a first glance and start comparing! Compare the reputation, prices, and quality! Hiring a more expensive company with a great reputation will help you save time. Also, this will probably help you avoid the relocation stress while moving to Massachusetts

After the move

So, the move is over, the boxes are unpacked, what’s next?

  • The beaches! First thing comes first! Start exploring the New England’s beaches and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Massachusetts.
  • Look for the closest historical landmarks of Massachusetts. Get to know the history of this amazing state and the whole nation.
  • Visit the islands and get the real impression of the lifestyle! Islands like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are the places to see and be seen. Even though islands get to be pricey during the season, there are ferry boats you can use for a one day trip.