Moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget: 5 tips

Fort Lauderdale is famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and valued cultural scene. The city has an inflow of individuals moving to the area and the state of Florida generally due to a flourishing economy and affordable homes. Today we will show you 5 tips for moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget.

#1 You can rent a place in Fort Lauderdale

Many of us have taken vacations in Fort Lauderdale. But visiting on vacation is very different from living in Fort Lauderdale. Homeowners can still locate the ideal house to suit any budget, particularly if they are aware of the cheapest areas in Fort Lauderdale. In addition, the choice of property type can have a significant impact on home values. Many residents prefer to rent instead of buy because they believe it is less expensive than saving for a down payment. The average size of a property in Fort Lauderdale is 950 square feet, and the average rent is roughly $2,150 per month. Compared to property prices, rents are slowly increasing.

#2 There are a lot of job options for you even when you’re moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget

About $67,000 is the average yearly wage in Fort Lauderdale, which is slightly more than the national average. There are many reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale and that includes more than the weather. The unemployment rate is roughly the same as the national average, and there will be more jobs created. There are various job options at Fort Lauderdale in the fields of medicine, IT section, or school department.

#3 Entertainment is not expensive in Fort Lauderdale

In Fort Lauderdale, some of the most enjoyable activities are cost-free. For instance, there are no fees associated with strolling along the beachside promenade, or window shopping along Los Olas Boulevard. Some locations offer $5 bike rentals for 30 minutes to add some excitement. There are several reasonably priced activities in the city like the historic Bonnet House Museum and Gardens for a tour.

Also, utilities are cheaper

Another important aspect that affects how much someone will pay for housing is utilities. Fort Lauderdale’s utility costs are between 4% and 5% lower than the state and national averages, respectively. A big apartment for two people would cost $164 on average per month for heating, electricity, and gas. A good internet connection would cost around $40. People who live in bigger houses or apartments typically pay more; people who live in smaller areas typically pay less. Of course, the building’s energy efficiency also affects energy prices.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget can be stress-free

When you’re ready to move to Fort Lauderdale, feel free to check available moving companies. Check out to find out the best option for yourself! There is a lot of stuff to cover while moving to Fort Lauderdale so make sure to have a list of movers before you reach the final decision.

A happy young girl looking at her mobile phone after finding enough information on moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget on her laptop.
You can be happy while moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget.

When moving to Fort Lauderdale, choose reliable help

Moving to Fort Lauderdale can be stressful, even when you’re on a tight budget. You can choose specialists to help you settle in. It’s better to find some experts to help you with your move than go for a DIY move and we can tell you why:

  • Less work for you – Hiring professional movers means they will manage the actual moving element, from finding parking to loading their truck to delivering everything to your destination. This is true even if you decide not to spend money on packing or unpacking services. On moving day, you don’t have to do anything!
  • Greater effectivenessUnless you are a professional mover, you just lack the expertise of an experienced moving business. They are quite effective and aware of the right lifting and moving techniques to speed up your relocation. A moving crew can finish what could take you days in just a couple of hours!
  • Greater knowledge – When working with a professional moving company, the team they hire typically has extensive knowledge of the entire moving procedure. They will know the best routes to travel, about any road closures, how to drive a big truck, how to arrange your boxes, and much more.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale with reliable movers can help you immensely and remove any troubles you could have!

#4 Life happens outdoors

Unless it’s the gloomy middle of summer, most of your time here will be spent outdoors. Whether you’re hanging out with friends, eating out, drinking, getting a cup of coffee, or going to events, it’s probably happening outside.

A group of people drinking at a cafe.
Your new life in Fort Lauderdale is waiting.

Take a water taxi in Fort Lauderdale, known as the “Venice of America,” which is full of canals. The 15-stop route, which runs between East Oakland Park Boulevard and the 17th Street Causeway, serves as both a shuttle to nearby attractions and an aquatic tour. The company also runs day cruises to Miami Beach during the busy season. You can receive discounts at eateries, pubs, stores, and museums by displaying your water taxi ticket.

There are no taxes in Fort Lauderdale

Taxes are a significant additional factor in the cost of living. The average state income tax rate is 10%, while Florida has no state income tax. Additionally, residents of Fort Lauderdale often do not require winter wardrobe, which would result in significantly lower clothing prices when compared to states with four different seasons. Your moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget is even easier when you know that there are no taxes in the state of Florida.

Clothes on hangers.
You will even have more money for shopping after moving to Fort Lauderdale.

#5 Moving to Fort Lauderdale can be easy even if you’re moving on a tight budget

Even if you think that moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget is tough, we can tell you – it’s not! You’re probably thinking that buying a new home in Fort Lauderdale will be costly, but you can sell your old home at the same time! You must establish a timeline and stick to it to sell your home and buy a new one. Because it will cost you extra, you should not wait a long time between selling your house and buying a new one.

In conclusion

To conclude, moving to Fort Lauderdale on a tight budget can feel impossible at times, but we believe in you. Make sure to follow our tips to have a stress-free relocation to your new place in Fort Lauderdale.