Moving to Florida on a budget – tips and tricks

So, you’ve decided to move to Florida, one of the sunniest states in the US? Congratulations! Yes, it is popular with retirees, but people of all ages feel the lure of the Sunshine State. Yet, moving to Florida on a budget can be a quite expensive and stressful endeavor, especially when you’re low on money. So here are some tricks and tips for your moving to the state of awesome beaches and Kennedy Space Center.

Before the move

Make a budget before moving

calculating with calculator and with pen about moving to Florida

Creating a budget is the most important step

Making a moving budget is one of the most, if not the most important step for moving anywhere, especially if you’re planning on moving to Florida on a budget. You need to make and prepare your moving budget before you go to your new home. Write down your expenses on paper and see where you stand financially.

The main question about moving on a budget is: should you hire a moving company or move on your own? Many will assume that moving on your own is less expensive. While that can be true, it can cost you more in the long run since it requires more planning, research, and energy which leads to more expenses then some would expect. Especially when you’re moving to another state. You can cut your costs by calling in help your family and friends while moving. However, moving to Florida, or any other state, can be quite complex. It may not be wise to burden those close to you with such a laborious task.

If you plan to hire a moving company, there are numerous things you can do to save money. Aside from you making your own moving budget, you can actually get an estimate from a moving company. Getting a free quote is easy and readily available online. Check if a moving company does interstate relocations regularly since you want someone who is experienced in moving.

North and South are quite different

If you’re planning on moving to Florida on a budget, you should know that there are so many differences between North Florida and South Florida that they can sometimes feel like different states. For example, a climate which is quite different between the South and the North. South is more diverse with more of the Caribbean and Latin American influence. South Florida is also where most of the nightlife happens. Also, it is worth knowing about the hurricanes which strike the southern half of the peninsula. So read about hurricane safety, and pay attention to the news and alarms. If you’re thinking about moving to South Florida, it is also worth knowing about the rising sea levels and other climate-related events.

Declutter your stuff

Remember that kitschy windmill toy you bought for two dollars, thinking it would go well with your bookshelf? But it doesn’t go well with your metallic gadgets on the table next to it? Or that heart-shaped ‘Best friend ever’ ornament you got for your birthday? But now they lay covered with dust in a box up in the attic? Well, maybe it’s time to get rid of those things. You may bring all of your stuff with you to a new home in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you should. Throw them away or even better sell them for some extra money in your budget. You can donate those stuff to a local shelter. Realize that more stuff means more time and less money. A decluttered home is a happy home!

Be smart about transportation

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Don’t take useless stuff with you, it may get expensive

Next to small things you have in your own home, there are some which are on a heavier side. Like your old piano or your family dining table. Organizing transportation can be an enormous task. You need to take care of all of your heavy stuff, especially if they are heavy and fragile, like piano or a glass table. You don’t want your stuff breaking while moving. Envisioning the interior of your new home is a very exciting exercise, but the transportation of heavy stuff isn’t. Thankfully, you don’t need to do it yourself as movers transport heavy furniture for you. So again, hiring a professional moving company is the best course of action, since it will cost you less, saving you energy, time and money.

After the move

Now, when you got your budget managed, your junk sorted out, and furniture taken care of, it is time to find out what awaits you at your new home in Florida. Now the question is “Where do I start?” In this part, you will be given tips for your concerns.

Organizing interior

a spacious living room, something you will need after moving to Florida on a budget

State of your interior will reflect the state of your mind

The most exciting part of moving to a new place, especially in the Sunshine State, is the organization of your new interior. You need to move your furniture first. The AAA Insta-Move Orlando will do that for you, so you don’t have to break your back while doing it. You just need to tell them where do you want your heavy stuff to be, and they will do that for you. But do you know how you should organize your stuff?

First, start with basic and largest stuff. Things like furniture, heavy works of art and large plants. For furniture you should combine efficiency with aesthetics, so you won’t, for example, trip on your coffee table every time you go to the kitchen to make coffee you wanted to put on the same table. Then, you should move to the smaller staff gradually, from bigger to less big. Rinse and repeat until you’re happy with your new everyday environment. Have fun, let your creativity go wild!

Prepare for hot and humid climate

When moving to Florida on a budget, be ready for long, hot and humid days throughout the summer. Towns and cities along the coast can have a slightly cooling ocean wind, but the interior of the state can often face heavy, stagnant heat. Take care of yourself, drink a lot of water, use a high-SPF sunblock and a hat whenever you plan to stay for more than 2 hours outside of your home.

To recapitulate moving to Florida on a budget

  • you should make a budget before you move, it is best to hire a professional moving company, which can actually cost you less
  • decide where you want to move – to the South or North of Florida, each having its own advantages
  • declutter your stuff before you move to save energy and money
  • hire a professional moving company for your heavier stuff, such as furniture
  • organize your interior efficiently, starting from larger, down to smaller stuff
  • prepare for heat and humidity before moving to Florida on a budget
  • don’t forget to enjoy your new home in Florida