Moving from a small town to a big city

Short survival guide

Leaving your home is usually a pretty frightening thing. You are leaving your community, your neighbors and your friends behind to venture into the unknown. However, if you’re moving to a similar neighborhood it is usually an easy relocation. On the other hand, if you are changing your address from a small town one to a big city boulevard, you might find yourself suffering from a bit of a culture shock. So, today, we will talk a little bit about what you can expect when moving to a big city.

When moving from a small town to a big city, expect the big expenses, as well

In a big city, the word costly takes on a whole new meaning. Let’s take living arrangements for an example. If you will be renting or buying a home in the city, you will notice that there is simply one too many zeros on those price tags. Thinking that because it’s in a bigger city and more expensive it will be larger, as well? Not so true. The word cozy takes on an entirely different meaning after moving to a more urban place. Well, this is a normal thing for a bigger city, though. And, that isn’t all. After you start shopping for groceries and clothes, you will note the rise in those prices, as well. Luckily, after moving to a big city, your job will also pay more, so you will be able to afford the more expensive lifestyle.

After relocating from a small town to a big city, get ready to settle in

So, this means that you’ve already carried your entire luggage into your new home. If it is one of the older buildings, you have our condolences, as it probably won’t have an elevator. And if it does, it will be a rather cozy one. Don’t worry, after a bit of time passes from your move to a bigger city, you’ll get used to being able to touch the walls wherever you extend your arms. So, after placing all of your belongings inside your home and taking a break, it’s time for some exploration. Check out where are the closest stores, markets and cafes. If you find yourself not sure which one to go to, don’t hesitate to ask the locals. You’ll find after moving from a small town to a big city that the hospitality of the people won’t change that much – if they aren’t in a hurry.

When moving from a smaller place to an urban one, you should prepare your cellphone

Maps get confusing. And, if you’ve ever attempted to use your lovely GPS to get anywhere, you understand exactly what we’re talking about. So, after moving to a big city, when you finish exploring your neighborhood by foot, take to the subways. While convenient regarding speed, expect them to be overcrowded and stuffy – cozy – as the rest of the big city. And, more importantly, they will take you further away from your new home than your feet. So, before you begin ‘recalculating’ on your own, we’d advise getting familiar with Google maps, cellphone GPS and even Uber, in case you are really lost. So, before moving from a small town to a big city, consider getting a power bank, so that you can always have your trusty map with you turned on.

After relocating to a bigger city from your small hometown, it’s time to act natural

When in Rome…. You will quickly find out that locals from a big city can smell the newcomers like nobody’s business. And, they don’t take kindly to them very often. While they might be happy to point out the closest shops, gym or park once, they won’t appreciate you constantly asking about directions like a tourist. So, learn quickly young Jedi and become a local yourself, as much as possible, when moving from a small town to a big city. Let us give you a couple of quick pointers:

  • Be ready for the brisk pace – people in a big city are always late somewhere. So, when moving form a small town to an urban place get ready to put your legs on your high speed mode. Even more so, be prepared for the passersby to avoid eye contact and not flash you a smile, like you’re used to. They are not being rude on purpose, they are simply in a hurry.
  • Give some space – while moving to a big city will make everything cozy, as we’ve mentioned, the locals are keen on personal space. So, even in a crowded elevator or on the subway, try and give those around you some space. If you can’t… well… let’s say that it will be as cozy as the big city usually is.
  • Protect the wallet at all costs – moving from a small town to a big city means never placing your valuables where they can easily be swiped from. So, no more wallets or phones in your back pockets. Tuck in your purse and keep it closed at all times after moving to a big city. And, no matter how many people ask you for money, don’t be a tourist. If you would like to donate something, we’d definitely suggest a legit charity or volunteering.
  • Cash at the ready – credit cards are safer at home after relocating from a small town to a big city. And, not just that, but some vendors might not even accept credit cards. So, carry some cash, but not too much, with you during the day after moving to a big city. This way, you won’t run into too much trouble with pickpockets.
  • Brush on the tipping rules – as we’ve mentioned before, it’s crucial to become a local quickly in a big city after moving. So, this is definitely a thing to brush up on. Google what the tipping etiquette is in the big city you are relocating to and abide by it. Besides, tipping will give you fast friends from all the waitresses and vendors whom you will meet. They will be able to give you great scoops on the inside workings of the big city you have moved to.

So, we hope that we’ve briefed you on what you should expect when moving from a small town to a big city. We wish you luck in moving!