Everything You Should Know About Moving Reviews

Finding a reputable and trustworthy mover can be one of the most difficult tasks when moving. After making the decision and finding a new home, you certainly do not want your moving day to be spoiled because you hired the wrong mover. And, finding the right mover is necessary if you have a large household or if your move is long distance. First things first, talk to your friends. It is no secret that personal recommendations from friends and family are the safest option. However, what if none of your friends moved recently? You have to turn to online reviews. Anyone who has ever moved knows how helpful reading moving reviews can be. But how to make sure that you choose the right mover for you and your needs? Keep on reading to find out!

Use a Reputable Review Site

There are many sites online that can help you when trying to find the right mover. Take your time to explore. Do not go with the first company you find. Try to find reputable sites with moving reviews. These sites have policies to stop and prevent fraudulent reviews. Another thing they offer is commenting. Be sure to read all the comments, good and bad. See if there were any complaints and how they were resolved. All American Moves is one of the sites you can check out.

A laptop can help you find moving reviews.

Most people just use the first thing they see on Google. However, those sites allow people to post just anything. They are not trustworthy!

Ask Your Realtor for a Recommendation

Realtors are a great source of information for anything “moving-related”. Do not hesitate to ask them about their opinion. They are experienced and well-connected people who can help you out. They are connected to homeowners and businesses and they probably know which moving company is reputable and which is not. Also, they probably heard a lot of personal stories from many movers and they can share them with you. Even if you do not want them to recommend some moving company to you, you can ask about the legitimacy of the ones you are thinking of using. However, if you need moving assistance in Florida, or anywhere else we do recommend Orange Movers. But, let’s talk some more about the moving reviews.

A woman talking on the phone.

Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. Talk to different types of people. You never know where you can find a moving review.

“Too Good to Be True” Kind of Reviews

If a review is too good to be true, it probably is. However, this is where the first time movers make the biggest mistake.  In order to cut moving costs, they choose the cheapest moving company there. People usually go for those kinds of attractive moving reviews. Also, it can not be “all roses”. There is no such thing as flawless relocation. Even when dealing with the best moving companies out there, something can go wrong. Accidents do happen. Remember that the most important thing about moving is that your belongings arrive safe and on time.

Too Negative

If you are reading a moving review and things are just too negative, immediately switch to some other moving company. In most cases, 1-star ratings are well deserved. If something goes bad with the relocation process, it is normal for people to feel frustrated.  Many of them will share their experience in the comment section. Read it carefully. They are there in order to warn other people. However, extremely negative reviews without commenting are used to worsen the companies reputation. If a negative review does not show any comment or a piece of information, chances are that it is so on purpose. It is confusing, we know!

Thumbs up and thumbs down.

It is important to take some time and check both positive and negative moving reviews.

Beware of too many words!

When you go to the site of the moving company, pay attention to the language. In the commenting section, you can spot different types of comments. There are the ones that have the purpose to harm the company, that is, the fraudulent ones. And you can find the honest ones written by honest reviewers. Most of the reviewers get straight to the point and do not stress out about too many details.

You may think that as many details there is, the moving review is much better. But, it is not like that usually. Nobody has the time to write a review which is full of details and explaining every step of the move. People only focus on the positives or negatives and how they managed to fix the problem. But fear not. Companies like Orange Movers Miami can devote time to you, so you will not have to read comments online but talk to the professionals about every possible detail.

Clear Signs of False Moving Reviews

The purpose of using fake moving reviews is to mislead the potential customer, Their goal is to lure inexperienced and probably first-time movers into using their services. Luckily, we have some good ideas on how to determine if the moving company is fake or reputable thanks to the comments and reviews. So, when reading the moving reviews, this is how you will spot fake companies:

  • Awkward and artificial language style
  • Too many grammatical errors
  • Vague moving reviews
  • Promotional Purposes
  • Too many irrelevant details
  • Overly positive reviews
  • And, overly negative reviews


Now that you have done your research and read all the moving reviews you could find, it is time to choose a moving company. Pay attention to the signs we mentioned above – as well as to the moving resources you have. Do not second guess yourself! Also, one bad review or not too many reviews on the company’s site does not necessarily mean something bad. Most of the time, people are too busy to write every moving experience they had, unless it is a very good or a very bad one. So, if you do not see comments connected with improper licensing, cash-only paying, or unmarked trucks, you should be fine. Trust your gut!