Moving when pregnant – pros and cons

When a new family member is about to join a family, that often means that it’s time to move to another home. The reasons for such a decision can be numerous, from the lack of space or impracticality of the old home to just wishing to welcome a new baby in a new home. However, relocation during pregnancy can be a bother, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. There are even some advantages to moving while pregnant. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of moving when pregnant.

Pros of moving when pregnant

When a woman is pregnant her body is physically preparing for giving birth to a baby. Her mind is getting ready simultaneously. It’s a new beginning and if you are planning to move from one home to another, why not do it now before your baby arrives? That way, all the preparations could be done in time to welcome your offspring.

A pregnant lady standing in front of her building

Moving when pregnant might give you enough time to adapt to your new home before the baby arrives

You will have more time now than after the delivery

Moving from one home to another requires time. If you think you will have more of it after your baby is born, you’re wrong. Can you imagine going to open houses, negotiating the rent, hiring contractors or choosing curtains whit a few-weeks old baby? Well, probably not! And don’t get us started on the paperwork that has to be done when buying or renting a home. You probably wouldn’t want to spend the first weeks of your child’s life waiting in line to change your address or preparing the necessary documents for a new mortgage, right, would you?

You will have less stuff to move

Every time you relocate, you should try to move only the possessions you really need. So, before you start packing and before your movers arrive, you should decide what to keep, donate, and what to toss. Decluttering will save you some money on relocation since you will have fewer items to move and therefore your movers will charge you less.

Coming of a baby into a family is usually celebrated by organizing a baby shower prior to the delivery. Think about it – if you move before the event, you will not have to pay for relocating these gifts that can be rather bulky and heavy. Plus, you won’t risk breaking any of the presents.

Baby clothes and baby shoes on top of them

Organize a baby shower in your new home!

When you need your household goods transported, think twice whether you’ll be needing them at your new place since paying to get them moved makes no sense if you won’t.

Moving when pregnant will give you more time to babyproof your new home

Babyproofing your home is a very important step of preparation before your baby arrives. You will have more time to do it properly if you move before the due date. After you move into your new home, you will be able to spot all the areas of your house and pieces of furniture that need to be babyproofed.

You can prepare the nursery

Isn’t it nice to come home from the hospital and have your nursery already prepared and decorated to welcome you and your precious bundle of joy? If you leave the relocation for after the delivery, you might not have that comfort.

Cons of moving while pregnant

Having your new home ready for a new family member is great. However, the relocation process is not so simple and it requires a lot of time and energy. A lot of women experience nausea, weakness, and many other conditions while being pregnant, so moving in that state can really be difficult for them. Be prepared to stretch your budget for the move too since you will probably have to hire professionals for relocation and cleaning.

Boxes all over the living room - moving when pregnant can be overwhelming

Packing can be a bother to a pregnant lady

You might not feel physically ready for the move

Just like we have already mentioned, some women spend their pregnancy feeling sick or weak. Planning everything, packing, cleaning, unpacking, and all other actions that have to be done before moving to a new place might just be overwhelming for a lady with a child. If you really have no choice but to move during pregnancy even though you do not feel well, you have a few options:

  • hire moving professionals who will help you relocate in no time – visit to pick the best date for your relocation and relax. Among many services that are offered you will be able to pick the ones that you need. If packing is something you find difficult to do at the moment, they can pack your possessions for you. Another benefit of hiring movers is that you will not have to worry about loading, transport, and unloading.
  • ask friends and family to help – pregnancy is the time when you should think about yourself and the wellbeing of your baby. Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you need a helping hand! Inviting your friends over to help you get ready for your move can be a great way to say goodbye to your old home.
  • start packing a lot earlier than you would if you weren’t expecting – make a list of tasks to do each day and try to stick to it. Make breaks whenever you feel you need to and, of course, avoid lifting heavy items.

Moving when pregnant can be too stressful

Moving from one home to another is a process that can last forever if not planned properly. Also, there are so many things that can go wrong. All of that might be a bit overwhelming for a mother to be. Unfortunately, the stress might harm the baby too. This is one of the biggest cons of moving when pregnant.


Moving when pregnant can give you more time to adapt to your new home, but it can be overwhelming for a mom to be. The best advice that you can get is to find the best movers since they are the ones that can help you every step of the way. Good luck with your upcoming relocation!