Moving out of Kansas 101

Moving out of Kansas, or moving out of any state or country can be nerve-racking, as well as time, money and energy consuming. And that does not only apply for an international relocation, but it also applies for moving around the block. You have to do a lot of planning and researching. You need to find a reliable moving company, a new place to live in, and also say goodbye to everybody. Well, nobody said it would be easy. Never wait until the last minute, as many things can go wrong. You need to organize your relocation and make a detailed plan. So, in order to avoid any last-minute surprises when the moving truck arrives, here are some tips and trick to have in mind when moving out of Kansas.

Why Are People Moving Out of Kansas?

First things first, we have to mention the fact that for the past four years, Kansas has been ranked among the top five states for outbound migration. Why is that? Well, there are many reasons, but one of the most common ones is the fact that there are no jobs left. People are simply unable to find jobs. And, what is more, incomes are declining while the cost of living is rising. It became almost impossible to live here unless you have a stable job with a nice salary to fill your pockets.

A man holding an American Flag

Although Kansas has a lot to offer, it is not advised to move there unless you have a good job.

Organize Your Move

Before you decide that moving out of Kansas is your final decision, you need to organize your move and yourself. Start slowly. It best to make a plan and write it down.

First, find a new place to live. Then, research moving agencies, and see how much the estimated cost would be. Luckily many moving companies like Verified Movers can help you with packing, loading, and unloading, heavy lifting, transporting and many more. Just make an inventory list of all the thing you plan on taking with you. And think about what will you do with the stuff that remains. You can organize a yard sale, or sell it online. Or if you do not care about the money, give the stuff to some friends or family members, or visit the local charity. These are just some of the things to take into consideration and include them in your plan. Make sure not to leave anything to the last minute when moving out of Kansas.

Purge Before Packing

The more stuff you plan on relocating, the more expensive your moving cost will be. So, do everything in your power to declutter and downsize. Get rid of all the things that you were not using, that are broken, or just useless. This is a great opportunity to remove any old pieces of furniture you hate. Transporting those big items will be a big waste of time and money. So, do yourself a favor, and sell them or throw them away. Also, if you have some old clothes that you no longer wear, consider giving them to the local charity organization.  It is a good idea to organize all the stuff before you start packing. So here is an idea:

  • Keep Things – Get some boxes and bins and start organizing things from basements, garages, and attics. Those are usually things you do not use every day. Also, you can start packing room by room. Remove all the junk and useless stuff and you will be left with a lot fewer things to pack.
  • Throw Away Things – All that is broken, damaged and completely useless should go straight to the bin. Always have a couple of trash bins by your side. You do not need those things when moving out of Kansas.
  • Donate Things – As previously mentioned, if you have some items you do not need any more like old furniture, appliances, or just books, toys and clothes, it would be nice to donate them to some charitable organization.
  • Sell Things – If you want to make money on your things, you can send them online using different social media accounts or Craigslist. Or if you have some extra time, you can organize a yard sale.
  • A man carrying more boxes than he can handle

    Before moving out of Kansas, downsize!

  • Find a Reliable Moving Company Before Moving Out of Kansas

  • Having a reliable, and at the same time, an affordable moving company is everybody’s dream. But it is possible to find it. You just have to start looking for one in advance since these things can take time. And if looking for long distance moving experts in Kansas, you should start even earlier, because international relocations are far more complicated than local ones.
  • First, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. If, however, none of them moved recently, you have to go online. Read online moving reviews on different forums, blogs, and websites. Chose two or three you think will suit your needs the most and ask them for an in-home estimate. This is how you will know the final price of your relocation as well as whether the company is reliable or not.
  • A man writing an inventory - moving out of Kansas

    The sooner you start looking for a moving company, the cheaper your move will be.

  • Say Goodbyes

  • Many people regret not saying goodbye to their friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. That is why you must do it before moving out of Kansas. Throw a goodbye party and make a fun event out of it. Play some music, order a pizza, or have a barbecue. Take as many photographs as you can. Photos can be really helpful if you start feeling homesick. Also, do not forget to exchange contact information with everybody, that will help you stay in touch. Moreover, if you have some acquaintances in the place you are moving to, let them know that you are coming and ask them to give you a tour of your new city an introduce you to new people. As soon as you make new friends after the move, your new city will start feeling like home. Good luck!