Moving out of Austin – 3 things you won’t easily find anywhere else in the US

Is it time to move to another place and to leave Austin? Moving out of Austin has pros and cons of course. After moving, you will miss some things you had in Austin but in exchange, you will get a lot of new things, including new friends, jobs, etc.

Moving to Texas was a great idea but if it is time to move on and to relocate to another state, you should do it now.

Part of the moving process is not only to pack, you should also know what will you get from moving and also, what you will lose.

Austin is amazing city in Texas that has a lot to offer and some things you won’t find anywhere else in the USA

3 things you won’t easily find outside of Austin, TX

As you already know, Austin is a beautiful city in Texas that has a lot to offer. These are 3 things you won’t easily find anywhere else in the US, only in Austin and a few more places.

Before making the final decision to relocate, know all the pros and cons of living in Austin, and know what to expect after moving.

Music scene

The music and art scene in Austin are amazing. Yes, you can find other cities in the USA with a great music scene, but Austin is special because it has a lot of music festivals, every month.

Some of the popular music festivals in Austin are Austin City Limits Music Festival, South by Southwest Conference and Festivals, JMBYLA, and Levitation Music Festival. Almost every bar has a live music where you can enjoy with your friends.

Besides great music, you can enjoy street art, museums, galleries, murals, etc. After moving from Austin, you may miss those things, especially if you are moving to a small town. If you are moving with children, you better find a place that will have a lot of fun things for them to do.

BBQ is a big deal here

Who doesn’t love barbecue? In Texas, almost everyone does! If you are one of those people that take bbq seriously, Austin is a place for you. The USA has places with amazing food, but it cannot compare to Texas bbq. Austin has restaurants where people wait in line for hours just to eat amazing, delicious meat.

Besides barbecue, tacos are popular as well as other Tex-Mex specialties. If you are not ready to leave delicious food, but you must leave Texas, you will have a hard time finding a new city that has food as Austin does.

Cheap gas

Texas is one of the states that have an affordable cost of living. The costs of living in Austin are relatively low, compared to other bigger cities in the USA such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, or Seattle.

Gas in Austin is very cheap – just to compare prices – a gallon of gas in LA, for example, is $3 and in Austin, a gallon is $1.5. If you love to drive a car, you can drive it at an affordable price. It is one of the things you won’t easily find anywhere else in the US.

Moving out of Austin with a professional moving company

After deciding to leave Austin, it is time to decide how you will move and of course, where.

State to State Move requires having professional moving help by your side because it is much safer. Long-distance relocations are complicated, hard, and stressful. If you hire a moving company, all of these problems will be gone.

Packing for moving out of Austin.
If you need help with packing and moving – ask for help and move with ease

But, there is a catch – there are scammers and bad movers, so you need to know how to hire a reliable and experienced moving company from Texas.

Do your research, explore online, visit different company’s websites, ask for recommendations, get referrals, read online moving reviews, get an in-home moving estimate from different movers, verify the company’s address, etc. Make sure to hire a company you can trust because all your items will be in their hands. Find an expert company to ease the process and solve your relocation problems.

Reasons for moving out of Austin

If you are moving out of Austin then you probably have reasons to do it. Of course, living in Austin has cons too. Find the best East Coast cities for your relocation where you can start a new life, try new things. Luckily for you, the USA has a lot to offer – especially different and unique cities. Here are some of the reasons why people are leaving Austin and moving to a different place:

  • It is too hot during the summer months and you cannot live without an A/C. If you cannot stand high temperatures then Texas is probably not a place for you.
  • You will need a car in Austin to commute, go to the grocery store, etc. because it is a driving city. There is no rail system to support the public movement, you can take a bus or a taxi, but it is much easier to drive a car.
  • Home prices are increasing drastically and it is one of the main reasons for moving out of Austin, Texas. Some residents can’t afford higher home prices and they are moving to other cities in Texas or moving to another state.
  • Traffic is often terrible and you will need to deal with a lot of traffic every day.
Packing for moving out of Austin.
If you want to start a new life in another city, start with moving preparations now


If you are considering moving out of Austin, know all the facts before moving. Why should you move and why should not you move – consider all the pros and cons too. Good luck with your relocation and be prepared and organized for your upcoming relocation.