Moving your New York based music studio

So, you are planning on moving your New York-based music studio and you can see that it will be a lot of work. Moving a music studio can be quite a pain since its not your ordinary household move. With different equipment, specialized furniture, and items as well as fragile, bulky instruments a studio can be very difficult to move. It’s certainly not a DIY process and requires a lot of planning, creative thinking, prep work and a lot of experienced professional help. This is a delicate process that requires a lot of care and attention, planning and good organization.

Recording studio with equipment

Moving a music studio is a daunting task

What is important for your studio move

When moving your music studio good planning and organization are crucial since this move demands good preparation. First of all, you must make sure to prepare and organize new space well so it can accept all of the items that make the studio work. Other than that, you must:

  • Plan well ahead
  • Make inventory
  • Take care of special requirements and packing
  • Enlist professionals

Planning ahead

This is a crucial activity due to the extraordinary nature of the items that you have to move and prepare for moving. Specialized equipment requires special care when relocating. Specialized and custom-made furniture can be more fragile than ordinary furniture. Instruments, like pianos and drums, are particularly fragile and difficult to handle. That said, planning each step of the move, planning on packing and specialized help for packing and moving is important. When you take into account high expenses for such a move it is important to plan every step well in advance.

Guitar in a guitar case

Fragile instruments have to be carefully packed and protected


Making a detailed inventory of your music studio is crucial to avoid damage or loss of the important equipment. Making inventory means to list all of the instruments, sound cards, monitor speakers, computers, hardware compressors, limiters, equalizers, sound panels, stands, microphones, mixers, and even cables. The inventory will help you make sure that you have all of the equipment moved securely. Inventory will also help identify all of the equipment and furniture that you have to disassemble and reassemble on-site and that may need special attention when transporting.

Special requirements and packing

Some specialty furniture used in studios will require special attention in disassembly, packing, handling, and assembly in order to avoid damage. Damaging specially designed furniture can be a very expensive mistake. The same goes for fragile and bulky instruments. For example, pianos should be handled by moving professionals only. Packing these items must be a priority and handled with special care. This means that you should gather proper and specialized packing supplies like boxes, cases, bubble wrap and other padding materials that are used to protect furniture and instruments. If you have original boxes the items should be packed in it’s original packing. For packing instruments you should use hard cases and boxes.

Piano keys closeup

Moving a piano is a specialty job that so try to hire professional help

Professional help

When moving your New York music studio most ideal solution would be to use a company with experience in moving music studios. Such companies like will provide expert service in handling specialty items like instruments and specialized equipment. They will provide expert handling and packing services. They can provide their own specialized packing supplies. These companies know how to handle bulky instruments and how to provide secure transport. Professionals will also provide insurance and guarantees for your items.

So, when moving a music studio be sure to take special care since its not an ordinary move. Be smart and make detailed plans about the move and always hire professional help. Professionals will make the move stress free and will handle more complex items with ease and securely. Take your time and plan your music studio move in detail to your benefit.