Moving to Jersey City – the gem of New Jersey

So you decided that your next step in life should be moving to Jersey City. Congratulations! Jersey City is one of those cities with very vibrant life. So be sure to know that your life will change greatly. In such a busy city you can’t always think of everything. So before you move to Jersey City, we recommend you use qualified Jersey City movers to avoid any mishaps and accidents.

Further, in this article we will try and give you some of the pieces of advice why moving to Jersey city is a great decision.

Best time to move to Jersey

There is actually no best time when it comes to relocating to Jersey City. Although, he is very vibrant and transit city, the prices in rents do not vary that much. Since the places for rent are almost all rented already. Some of the best pieces of advice would be to start looking for a place in early September, so until the late November, early December you are already on “the radar” and could possibly land a place to move in by January. There are a lot of guides when it comes to moving to New Jersey, so be sure to check them all out before you make that final decision about relocating.

What to expect from Jersey City

A lot of investment has been made into Jersey City, such as redeveloping the waterfront area. Jersey City is also close to Manhattan, and with its successful gentrification and improved neighborhoods, it is no wonder why more and more people want to move to Jersey City and live there. More families and young professionals are coming and almost rebuilding it as a new and a great place to raise children and further develop or start a career.

What neighborhoods to check

With the constant investment, gentrification, and redevelopment it is difficult to choose the right place to move into. But there are quite a few neighborhoods who are recommended for settling in after moving to Jersey City. You don’t have to move in right from the start, maybe the best thing to do is to rent a small place just for living, to make your search for a better home easier. Here are some   of the recommended neighborhoods:

  • Paulus Hook – Located a mile across the river to Manhattan, this place has its charm with small shops, waterfront restaurants, and small neighborhoods.
  • Bergen-Lafayette – residents tend to call this area The Gumbo of architecture since there is a mix of different architectural styles which all together create an impressive place.
  • Downtown – What to say that you probably already don’t know? Waterfront walkway, shops, restaurants, dinners, great schools, a marina and great transportation. Perfect place for career and family raising.
  • Hoboken, Downtown, New Jersey

    Hoboken was voted best downtown in Northern New Jersey

Foods and dinners

When it comes to eating out, there are several options you can choose from, depending on what you prefer. For example famous Happy Hour places such as LITM, Pint, York Street Tavern, and Lucky 7. Places with cheap and great food are located everywhere. People recommend to check ME Casa, Morgan Fish Market and Restaurant etc. After all that lunch and dinner, some sweets are great treats! Satis Bistro and Sophia Sophia are among most popular.

But, if you are sports and healthy type of person there are always healthy foods you can rely on in places such as Organic Basic Food, Nature’s House, Hudson Green Market etc.

You probably planned to go out with your family also. And don’t know where to out. Don’t worry! Jersey City is covered with lots of family restaurants and diners all over the place. Places who have programs for small kids such as Joe’s Crab Shack are a great choice! If you wish to experience a unique place, check out the Rainforest Café. A café completely transformed to look like a rainforest filled with life-sized animals. But if you are into that old school style or are just nostalgic, take your family to Johnny Rockets restaurant. This 1950 theme place is excellent for experiencing that ‘50s era with all the great burgers and shakes.

restaurant in Jersey, Moving to Jersey City

There are a lot of affordable restaurants in Jersey City

Jersey City transportation

Before moving to Jersey City know that when it comes to public transportation, Jersey City is well covered. The city offers a great variety of intrastate and interstate transportation. That great variety comes also with buses. The whole city is well connected and people can travel with easy and very cheap! Mentioning all this without saying anything about trains in Jersey City would just be wrong. They are well organized as well as cheap. But to be honest, most people don’t pay for tickets and just try to ride for free.

Interesting facts about Jersey City

Knowing this basic information about Jersey City, let us tell you some interesting facts that can make your decision about moving to Jersey City final.

  • There are five regional branches of The Jersey City Free Public Library, and some of them have permanent collections and exhibitions.
  • Jersey City is one of the most racially diverse cities in the world.
  • Biggest Egyptian Coptic population is located in Jersey City
  • In a 25 square miles radius, there are at least 7 shopping malls, making Jersey City a place with the most shopping malls.
  • The Union Watersphere, the tallest water tower in the world is in Union.
  • The Statue of Liberty actually belongs to Jersey City, but New York has legal jurisdiction.
  • The 4th largest clock in the world is Colgate Clock located on the Jersey City waterfront.
  • Nation largest IMAX dome is in The Liberty City Science Center.
  • One of the first medical centers in the United States was opened in Jersey City.

Hopefully, with all this tips and facts we gave you, your decision about moving to Jersey City is final. Such a vibrant and pleasant, family-friendly city is a truly a location to live in. People are friendly and quite open. Please, we would like to hear from you so do share with us the experience you got after you moved to Jersey City!