Why moving to Harford County is a great idea

Like any community, Harford County also has its own characteristics and things to offer. If you are debating whether to move to the state of Maryland or not, don’t overthink it, and just do it. Moving to Harford County could be a great idea due to many different aspects. Whether it’s the historic landmarks that attract you, the arts and cultural elements, or sports, take into consideration the richness of this place and how you could live a great life there. 

 Moving to Harford County-Why?

Relocating to a new neighborhood and a new home can be a bit stressful. You worry about the cost of living, the quality of life, and whether there is a future to where you are moving to. Research before the relocation is essential as it will help you gain some insight as to how the school districts are, how far away or close grocery stores are to your new home, and what neighborhood you could see your family and yourself in. Moving to Harford County is a good idea as there are various business opportunities, housing is affordable, the commute is reasonable, and it has the potential to be the home you envision

With almost 300, 000 residents, Harford County is also very close to New York, New Jersey, Washington, etc. Therefore, with a quick drive, you can spend your weekend somewhere new. All in all, as to why you should be moving to Harford County-the answer is simple. There is a variety of cities to choose from within the county, where places such as Bel Air, Aberdeen, Havre de Grace would all be a solid choice for your relocation plans

Relocation process

The list below will help make your decision making simpler.

If we consider the basic elements of relocating to a new neighborhood, city or even country, we always evaluate the following:


Real Estate


School Systems

Health Care




A cartoon drawing of a man loading his items onto a moving truck prior to moving to Harford County.

Consider all the aspects carefully and then get down to organizing your relocation.

Real estate

Harford County, as mentioned before, is home to various good cities to relocate to. Why do we say so? Because one aspect that pulls people to move somewhere else is affordable rent and housing. The average prices for homes in Harford County range anywhere from $200, 000 to $300, 000. Meanwhile, renting an apartment would cost you between $1000 and $1500 a month. All in all, the expenses aren’t as bad as the average salary in the state of Maryland all together is in the high $60, 000s. 

School & Health System

Furthermore, nothing bad to say about the school systems either. Enrolment and graduation rates are very high, which assures you that your kids will have a solid education. What’s even greater is that when the time comes to go to college or university, bigger cities such as New York and Washington are a short ride away. This means that if your child decides to go to a prestigious education facility such as Columbia University, New York University, or Georgetown University, they won’t be going far away. If you think about it, moving to Harford County will give you the sense and feel of a small hometown, with a close reach to the more urban and fast-paced cities. 



A yellow school bus.

From housing to business, education to the health system, Maryland is highly rated.

Finally, health care is another element that might weigh in on your decision making. The state of Maryland is home to a highly rated hospital as well. The Johns Hopkins Hospital has been rated as one of the top hospitals nationally and internationally for years. The institution is a hospital for patients, an educational facility for future doctors, and a research facility too. At least you can trust that you are in good hands if need be. 

Maryland & Harford County

If everything above was not enough to convince you to move to Harford County, we have one more suggestion as to why it would be a great idea to do so. The state of Maryland has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoors. If staying active is a big part of your life, or if you finally want to dabble into becoming more active, Harford County is a good choice. 

Maryland and all the counties and cities within really do have a lot to offer. You can have that small and cozy hometown feeling, but also be surrounded by all these big city aspects. Whether your thing is hiking and mountains, or tanning and beaches, the state really has it all. From summer and autumn to winter and spring, you can experience all four seasons.

Moreover, you always have options. If you want to move from Baltimore to Bel Air, moving around the corner in Harford County is simple. With the right research, you can’t make any mistakes. We also recommend staying local with moving companies when relocating. We emphasize on this, as a local moving company is more knowledgeable about the area itself, making your move more efficient. With a company like allstatemoving.net, you can leave all the stressful aspects of moving your belongings with them, while you get to explore the area. 

Did we convince you?

Where are you at with your decision about moving to Harford County? We hope that we gave you somewhat of an idea of what you could expect from this relocation. Let’s review! If you are new to the state of Maryland all together, then you really do have lots to explore! Whether it is everything that the outdoors has to offer you or the appealing quality of life, you have nothing to lose and much to gain. Harford County is home to a variety of places, neighborhoods, and communities. There are job opportunities, schools are good, the health system is highly rated, and you are very close to the nation’s capital.

All in all, whatever you decide or choose, know that you cannot go wrong if you moved here. We gave you the basics of our research on Harford County and why we think it moving to Harford County is a great idea. Now it is up to you to make a move!