Moving from Queens to Brooklyn on a budget

Even though Queens and Brooklyn are two of New York City’s boroughs and are one next to each other, they are both very big. And when you say that you are moving from Queens to Brooklyn, this can both be a very short distance and a very long distance relocation. If you are moving long distances, you most likely need to spend a lot of money on moving as moving is expensive. And if you are unable to do so, worry not. Moving from Queens to Brooklyn on a budget is very easy and it is possible no matter how long distance or short distance your move is.

And if you are in the need of some money-saving tips, you came to the right place. We have decided to write some of the tips that we have gathered over the years of working in the moving industry and here’s where you will find them. These tips will help you achieve affordable moving from Queens to Brooklyn and basically anywhere else in the country.

Pick the right time to move

If you are moving on a budget, one of the things you need to pay attention to is the time of the year when you are moving. This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense now but we are here to further explain. Also, beware of hidden moving costs implied by your decisions.

You need to pick the right time to move if you want to save some money.

Certain periods of the year are very popular for moving. In most states, it is during the months of July, August, and September. These are considered to be summertime moves. This is when most people that are moving are moving. And it is so for many reasons. Number one would be the fact that this is when children are out of school and it is the perfect time for families to relocate. Students move during these months also. Usually from one state to another or from one city to another because of the university. A lot of people pick moving during the summer because it is much safer than moving during the winter. The weather is more predictable and fewer moving accidents are bound to happen. This is why summer is considered to be peak of the year for moving companies.

This means that summertime moves cost more money. And for those of you who are moving on a budget, this definitely isn’t good news. This is why the time of the year is important when it comes to moving on a budget. Moving during the fall is certainly the best idea when moving from Queens to Brooklyn on a budget. This is when the prices of help in the area drop yet the weather is still pretty stable and predictable.

Don’t avoid hiring movers

Many believe that hiring movers is only a waste of money. But the truth is, moving with the help of professional movers can only save you money even though you are spending them. How is that even possible? Well, these are professional movers we are talking about. This means that your relocation will be handled professionally. Whereas if you were to do this all yourself, you wouldn’t definitely do it professionally. When moving on your own, there is a lot of room for making mistakes. And most of the time, these mistakes cost a lot of money to fix. Either something will get broken or damaged. You might even lose something. Getting injured when moving is also very common if you aren’t experienced enough. A lot of things could go wrong if you move your home on your own.

Carrying boxes.
Hiring movers can mean saving a lot of money.

But hiring a professional moving company such as Tik Tok Moving and Storage definitely means not having to worry about any of this. Professional movers are experienced and they know how to do everything regarding relocation professionally. This also means that your move will last shorter than it would if you were to do it on your own. Which also means saving time. And you know what they say – time is money.

Pack properly

Moving requires you to pack. But as you are moving on a budget, your packing might look a bit different than everyone else’s. Most people go out and purchase packing supplies. Depending on how big your home is, how many things you are moving, and how good are you in packing, these packing supplies can cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars. This is definitely not something you want to spend money on when on a tight budget. But you still have to have your belongings safe and ready for the move. That certainly is possible without using professional packing supplies.

Packing box.
You don’t need professional packing supplies in order to pack the correct way.

Here are some of our packing tips. There are plenty of things that you can find at home that you can use for packing. Things such as:

  • bags, backpacks, and suitcases
  • clothes, sheets, pillowcases
  • shoe boxes
  • bins and plastic boxes that you might have somewhere.

Use bags, backpacks, and suitcases for packing things inside. Things that are difficult to carry and transport. Make sure you wrap them with clothing, sheets, or pillowcases. This is going to keep them safe and in one piece. You must also have some shoe boxes in your home. No matter whether they are empty or not, you can certainly use them for packing. You must also have some plastic bins and boxes in your home that you can use for packing.

Make sure you use as many of the things you have at home. Once you run out of them, you can get packing boxes for free. All you need to do is go to your local supermarket and ask whether they have some boxes lying around in the back. You will be able to gather enough of them this way. If you declutter your home before moving, you might not even end up needing them.