Moving into your first home in Atlanta

Moving into your first home in Atlanta is a big step and lifestyle change. You’ll have more space, fewer disturbances, and a place that you can call your own. But, that means plenty of repairs and tasks to do before turning the key. That’s why you need these tips for moving into a new home in Atlanta. 

The legitimacy of the movers

When moving into your first home in Atlanta, don’t overlook moving company reviews. Before hiring, make sure you know how to find the best movers. Choose the ones that have insurance and license. You check that with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and FMCSA’s lookup system.


You must know how to pick the best relocating experts when moving into your first home in Atlanta.

Measure the new home

Before you move into your first home, don’t forget to take a look at the blueprint of your new home. Measure an entire interior space, as well as your furniture. Then, you’ll know exactly what fits where in your new home. Also, you’ll be able to better direct movers where to place all your furnishings.

Your moving date

When moving, you’ll probably want to save as much money as you can. To do that, choose a mid-week, mid-month moving date when hiring movers or renting a moving truck. Furthermore, avoid peak moving season because that’s the time when rates are higher. Instead, move between October and April. On sites like, you can find more information.

Transfer the utilities when moving into your first home in Atlanta

A couple of weeks before relocating, contact your utility service providers. Let them know about your move. Also, go ahead and schedule your disconnect and connect dates for gas and electricity. Plus, reach your cable and internet service provider, and your security system provider to schedule an installation date after the move. 

Remember to forward your mail before a move. If you don’t do it, you could miss out on important bills, letters, and packages. So, go to and pick the date you wish to start receiving mail at your new address.


When moving into your first home in Atlanta, you should do some decluttering. This is a great time to get rid of the things you no longer need or use. So, unless something is necessary for the new home should, think about donating, selling, or storing. You can even hold a yard sale and earn extra cash to finance your move. Having fewer items to relocate will make your move less stressful and less expensive.

Label boxes – When packing your belongings without labeling the boxes, you’re making a huge mistake. So, every fragile item should be labeled as such to avoid damage while transporting. Also, make sure you label boxes according to their corresponding rooms. For example, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more.

Boxes are ready for moving into your first home in Atlanta.

Declutter and get some tips on how to pack properly for the big move.

Know what your movers won’t relocate

When you’re hiring movers to help you relocate into your first home, you must know their list of non-allowable. So, be sure to contact us for more info. Some of these items are aerosol cans, paints, pesticides, cleaning solvents. Then, scuba tanks, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, and fertilizer. 

Use the right moving supplies when moving into your first home in Atlanta

When relocating, it’s important to avoid using wrong sized moving boxes damaged ones. Some items, like TV, mirrors, and artwork may require a special type of moving box. Also, they may require professional help when packing. So, before you buy any moving supplies, learn more details.

Research the new neighborhood’s schools

Collect information about the schools in your neighborhood. Do your research on both the public and private schools before moving. Consider doing this, even if you don’t have kids. Of course, this might not be an immediate concern, but it could become important in the future. Also, it plays a huge part in the value of your property and taxes. 

Get new healthcare providers

When moving into your first home in Atlanta, remember to find new healthcare providers. You can first ask your current primary care physician for any recommendations they may have. In case they don’t have it, check with your health insurance company to find a doctor in Atlanta. Also, don’t forget to move your perceptions.

Reserve a self-storage unit

Avoid waiting for the last minute to reserve your self-storage unit. So, if you’re not ready to toss some of your items, finding local storage 101 is your best option. But, pick the one that has top-notch security features and a climate-controlled environment.


Make sure you take care of everything before the big day arrives.

Pack an essentials bag when moving into your first home in Atlanta

To avoid sifting through hundreds of boxes for pajamas and a toothbrush, you should pack an essential bag. An essentials bag should contain items you need for the first night or week in your new home. Like a few changes of clothes, pajamas, toiletries, pet essentials, baby essentials, and medicine.


Before relocating, do one last sweep of your old place. Once you pack everything, you’ll need to do a deep clean of the home. So, you must vacuum all floors, clean out the fridge, and wiping down surfaces.

But, you will also need to clean your new place. No matter if the property is new or not, you’ll want it to be spotless when you step foot in it. You can use cleaning your new home: tips & tricks. However, a better solution is investing in some cleaning help. Just think about it, you will be busy with packing, moving, and checking every corner of your old home. So, leave it to a professional cleaning team to deep-clean to make your new home spotless.

Tips to use once you move into your first home in Atlanta

  • Change the locks
  • Check for leaks and water stains
  • Take care of pests
  • Get an electricity audit
  • Check the electrical panel and set up electricity
  • Open and run appliances
  • Test all devices
  • Check all filters
  • Inform the family about the move
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Unleash your decor skills