Moving with a family: The best cities in the USA

So, in some of our previous posts we’ve talked about different best cities to move to in the States when covering different criteria. While this post might seem the same, we’re bringing some other locations to the table, this time considering which are the best if you are moving to them with your family. We have taken into account a number of lists, along with school rankings and average costs of living. Hopefully, our top choices for the best cities in the USA to relocate to with a family will help you with your decision.

One of the best cities in the USA for a new life with your family is Boston, MA

While you may not have expected this city to top our list, let us persuade you really quickly. So, not only does Boston have a great, four season climate, but the weather is further influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. If you like both your snowy winter and a sunny summer, look no further as Boston is really the best city in the USA for your family. However, as weather isn’t everything, let us also tell you that a great reason for moving to Boston with your family might be the low unemployment rate of the city. Not only that, but the average salaries in the city are most definitely attractive.

What else makes Boston one of the best cities in the USA for a family?

If a job opportunity isn’t a criterion which you are considering, there are numerous other reasons for you to relocate to Boston. Let us tell you that the education system has proven greatly successful and that the city is filled with good schools for all ages. And, if you are looking to further your cultural knowledge after moving with your family, Boston is the perfect place. It is brimming with museums and various tours, including the Freedom Trail, which will be a great family weekend activity. In the end, if you are still not convinced, let us mention that this city is a seafood central!

Another great city in the USA to move to with your family is Colorado Springs, CO

Thinking of the mountains? There are plenty. Thinking of the springs, too? There are seven waterfalls. They are called the Springs by the locals, and a great city for moving to with an active family. But, before we talk about the numerous sports available in this place, let us talk about the criteria which makes Colorado Springs one of the best USA cities for moving with a family. If you are looking for a city where you will find a good pay, great home and a place for your children to grow healthily, there is no need to search any longer. The Springs have it all, along with an amazing view. Not to mention that Denver is a short drive away.

What else is there to do in Colorado Springs after moving with the family?

Well, as soon as we’ve said Colorado you’ve guessed it. This is a great place for winter sports, yet, those aren’t the only activities that can be explored. There are numerous hiking trails, climbing places and even mines which can be checked out after moving. If your family is into arts, though, there are still plenty of opportunities, especially with photography. And, in the end, let us tell you about the amount of fondue which you will come to love, as the locals do, after moving to this great city for family life.

Another city on our list of best places for moving with a family is Nashville, TN

While you might be thinking that the country music life isn’t for you and your family, let us assure you that this is a city with much more to offer. So, stop thinking about the music scene when imagining Nashville and consider the geographical position of this city first. To top off our list as to why this is one of the best USA cities for moving with a family is the weather. Nashville has an overall average temperature of 60F, and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than that. And, in case you are worried about the job opportunities, there are plenty. In fact, Nashville is one of the Forbes’ list’s cities for quickest growth in every way, and not just employment-wise. So, it isn’t even necessary to tell you that one of the reasons why this city is on our list is because of the amazing schooling systems and great results of the students. And in case you are scouting out colleges, this is the 4th best college town in the States!

What else is there to do with a family after moving to Nashville?

Also known as the Music City, you can guess what the main attractions of this place are. But, it doesn’t end with only country music! Be sure to check out the various clubs, cafes and live venues, with music choices ranging from opera to jazz. In case your family would enjoy and artsy activity more, there is that option here, as well. Be sure to check out The First Center for Visual Arts, as it has fresh exhibitions every six weeks and interactive activities for kids. In case you are looking to attend some crafts classes after moving with your family, the Center has them, as well. And finally, another great reason for Nashville being on our list of the best USA cities for moving with a family is the food. If you are a lover of spicy treats, this will be heaven for your family. And, on another hand, if you are the kind for a Saturday barbecue, you will find yourself at home after moving. All in all, one of the best cities in the USA for relocating with a family. And, if you are still not convinced, take a look at our video below!

And now, after you have read a bit about our top choices for the best USA cities for moving with a family, we hope that making your own choice will be all the easier. We wish you happy moving!