Moving Day Checklist – Student Edition

Moving day checklist is a crucial part of every move. You need to make a moving checklist in every circumstance. However, it is different in the stages of moving. As you need to define steps for weeks before moving, you also need to put on the list tasks for moving day.

Why do you need a checklist?

You need to define essential steps in moving and put on the list everything you must do on that day. In the making of that list will help you all American movers, but you can include something on your own.

  • Moving day checklist includes important reminders – it is the reason why you need to make it for weeks before moving starts;
  • It is also essential to include alternatives in case something goes wrong – so you will be able to control everything when the rush starts.
A girl writes in notebook

Moving day checklist is very important for moving

Security is a fundamental reason why you need to make moving day checklist

You will surely pay attention to safety during the process. However, there are a lot of things that you need to control to avoid troubles. Moving day checklist includes those critical warnings. You should predict everything that could cause trouble and prevent them. Also, make sure that you know how to organize moving with family and pets.

Prepare emergency bag

Do not forget that an emergency bag saves a life. You should include everything necessary for the first day after moving there. It should not be a bag, though. You can make a box, or package with emergency items there. Learn is cardboard packaging cheaper than plastic and decide.

Unplug all utilities

Maybe the new owners will come the same day when you go. Maybe not. However, you should not risk and leave electricity and gas on. It is highly essential to protect the home even after you leave it. Also, make sure that you have declined utilities, so avoid extra costs.

Leave address and phone numbers

It is essential if you leave at long distances. You will need to contact the drivers and people from the agency during that trip. Also, move to them necessary phone numbers and address of the new home, just in case. Do not forget some of the independent contacts, like e-mail, on that list, too.

A man writes a plan

Write a precise plan for moving

Do not forget to put new owners of your home on your moving day checklist

You surely do not leave the empty house behind you. Other students will come to your home, apartment, or dorm. It is important to include new owners in your plan. No matter if you need to remind yourself to leave spare keys or clean the room, you should consider new owners on your list.

Clean the floors

Cleaning your new home will surely be one of the hardest, but the prettiest things you will do. However, do not leave the old home dirty. New owners should move in and start in, at least a fresh, clean home.

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It is important to make a precise plan for moving

Make a copy of the keys

It is for sure that somebody from the agency has spare keys for the new owners. However, you can be a good friend and leave your copies of the keys. Make sure that you have arranged them by usage and importance, too. Learn how to organize essentials accurately for yourself, also. It should be on your moving day checklist.