Moving to the countryside – best small towns

For decades there has been an increase in urban population and decrease in rural population. People fled the countryside to seek better and more abundant opportunities in the cities. But it seems those days are coming to an end. We are witnessing a new trend. More and more people are moving to the countryside in search of more peaceful life. The hustle and bustle of big cities can become less appealing as we grow older. We get fed up with all the pollution – the air, the noise and the light pollution. The wasted hours in public transportation or the commute start to wear us down. If these reasons resonate with you, you are probably contemplating a move to the countryside.

Small towns do have a lot to offer, no matter if  you are a newcomer to the countryside or you are returning to it. You can rarely get such a strong sense of community outside of the small towns. Some people are drawn by the lower crime rates, while others are looking to get in touch with nature. Another great thing about moving from a big city to a small town is the excess cash. The cost of living is much higher in big cities than it is in the small towns. This is yet another plus of country living. So, if your heart is set on moving to the countryside, but you’re not sure where exactly – read on! We have made a list of 5 rural American towns that are solid options for moving, for one reason or the other.

Moving to the countryside to enjoy water sports

Passionate windsurfers, consider moving to Hood River, Oregon.

Hood River, Oregon

If you are moving to the countryside in search of natural beauty and an active lifestyle, Hood River is a great town for you. Situated on the banks of the Colombia river, Hood River is a town famous for offering many recreational activities. If you are passionate about windsurfing or kiteboarding, or you want to acquire these skills – Hood River is the place to move to.  Hood River’s economy relies precisely of sports tourism, agriculture and as of recently – high-tech industries. It’s surrounded by wineries and orchards and it has a breathtaking view of  Mount Hood. With population under 10,000 it’s an option worth if you want to move to American countryside.

Moving to Dahlonega, Georgia means living at the heart of North Georgia Wine Country.

Moving to the countryside near Dahlonega, Georgia means living at the heart of North Georgia Wine Country.

Dahlonega, Georgia

This small town is located in the Lumpkin County in Georgia. It’s famous as the birthplace of the first big gold rush. Today it is a quite little town with a population of just around 5,000, according to the 2010 census. It is a popular destination for an active retirement. Part of its appeal is the fact that Dahlonega is at the heart of North Georgia Wine Country. Another part is that, hidden away by the Blue Ridge Mountains, it has a number of outdoor activities to offer. With kayaking, hiking in the woods, fishing, cycling and horseback riding to choose from, you can lead a very healthy life in this small town. As a balance to those nature activities, the town boasts some very fine restaurants, one of a kind boutiques and art galleries.

Vineyard, Utah

If you’re sill not ready to retire, but are thinking about moving to the countryside and hold a job in the tech industry, think about Vineyard, Utah. This small town experienced a big rise in population since 2015 and is now home to 8,500 people. The cause of its population rise is the growing tech mecca in its surroundings – Silicon Slopes.  With companies like EA Sports, eBay, Adobe and Microsoft, Silicon Slopes are an up and coming technological hub. This paired with affordable prices of housing makes Vineyard appealing to young families in this industry.

Moving to the coastal countryside and enjoying the view.

You could be enjoying Ocean Springs magical sunsets every evening.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

When choosing a countryside town that’s on the beach, you can’t go wrong wit Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The town is located in the Gulf of Mexico. It was originally a French colony. Today it’s an art colony with a population of 17,000 and a very strong sense of community. Hurricane Katrina hit the town hard. Fortunately, it has been rebuilt since. It’s an incredibly charming town with a historic district that attracts many tourists. The sea views have inspired many artist residing here, and they could do the same for you. Beaches are ideal for quiet pensive strolls. And should you feel the need for some noise, you can head to the main street. On it you can find a number of busy shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Mill Valley, California

Our choice on the West Coast is Mill Valley, California. This town is quite close to San Francisco. Yet, it has a population of 13,500. Mill Valley has a cozy vibe of town nestled in the hillsMount Tamalpais rises over the town and it offers amazing opportunities for hiking. Since Cascade Canyon area is so close to Mill Valley you can enjoy great scenery. The town feels very private. On the other hand, it is very close to San Francisco. If you ever miss the busy city, you can be there in no time. Closeness to San Francisco explains the organic food stores. If you are into the healthy lifestyle this is an important factor. Also, Mill Valley is attractive due to many music events, all year round.

After reviewing our suggestions, we’re sure you are inspired to move to the countryside. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll move to a coastal town like Ocean Springs. Or maybe you prefer an active riverside town like Hood River. Maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet and need more inspiration. In that case, we leave you with a this video where you can check out other beautiful small towns. If your move to the countryside is a short distance move, read this article for some useful tips. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll need to hire local movers.