Is moving to Brooklyn the right choice for young professionals?

If you’re a young professional, the answer to the question in the title of this post will be entirely subjective. Generally, Brooklyn has all the requirements to satisfy the needs of a young professional. However, homes in this borough, like anywhere else in New York, can be quite expensive. What’s more, Brooklyn could be some time away from your place of work. Is moving to Brooklyn the right choice for you, considering these potential issues, and what can you expect if you move here? Read on to find out.

The financial difficulties of moving to Brooklyn

If you’ve got your heart set on Brooklyn, but you’re worried that the rent will be too high, think hard on whether moving to Brooklyn will be the right choice for you. In most situations, it will depend on what you’re willing to sacrifice. For starters, you could be living in a very small apartment. While some people won’t have a problem with that (and some actually prefer it), others will find it to be a constrained situation, making them feel uncomfortable or even claustrophobic.

A lot of money stacked together.

Brooklyn can be expensive, but there are ways to save enough money.

If your place of work is not so near, that means that you’ll be commuting. And that will further drain you of money. Even if you can afford the rent and commuting expenses, there’s a good chance that you won’t be left with a lot of money to spend on other things. And young professionals, like most other young people, need the money to have fun, buy new clothes, and so on. Of course, looking at a modest life in a small apartment as a sort of an adventure will be very beneficial in this situation.

How to stretch your budget when moving to Brooklyn

There are a few practical ways, however, to stretch your budget when moving to Brooklyn.

Find a roommate

The first one is getting a roommate. Living with a roommate can sometimes be great, but it can also be a horrible experience. It all depends, in fact, on the type of person you’ll be living with and the type of person you are. If you’re a quiet person, you probably won’t like living with a party maniac who will be inviting people to your (probably tiny) apartment every night. If you’re a tidy person who likes to keep his living environment in an impeccable state, living with someone who doesn’t care too much about hygiene won’t be a pleasant experience for you.

Two people cheering with their bottles.

Finding a roommate after moving to Brooklyn could entail the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

If you do manage to find a suitable roommate, then you’re all set! On the other hand, this is another aspect of moving to Brooklyn (and, actually, life in general) that can be seen in an adventurous way. Moving to a new home, in a new borough, meeting new people after you move, living with someone different and unpredictable, barely scraping enough money to get by – for most people, that is not what an ideal life looks like, but it’s important to remember that it can be only temporary. If accepted as such, this kind of life can actually be very romantic. A young professional learning the ways of life in such an environment – that is the perfect setting for a coming of an age story. And who knows what awaits you next? Life can be a beautiful adventure – if you only let it.

Hire an affordable moving company

There’s also another way to save some money when moving to Brooklyn – hire the services of an affordable moving company, such as Big Apple Movers Brooklyn NYC. Of course, you should first decide whether you really need a moving company. We’ve already talked a lot about being adventurous, and conducting the entire move by yourself would definitely be a big adventure! Unfortunately, in most cases and to most people, it’s not the kind of an adventure that will have a positive influence on their well-being.

Professional movers packing someone's belongings.

Hiring the services of affordable, high-quality professional movers will help you a lot.

Moving on your own takes a lot of time. Unexpected problems occur and you’re bound to feel stressed sooner or later. Luckily, high-quality moving companies do come at a very affordable price, especially if you’re moving when it’s cold. Most people opt to move when the weather is pleasant, but if you avoid that, you’ll save some money. Apart from packing and transporting your things, professional movers can also sell you professional cardboard packing materials in NYC. If you’re not using professional packing materials, there’s a good chance that some of your belongings will get damaged during the move, costing you more money than if you haven’t bought such materials.

The advantages of moving to Brooklyn

So, if you can (even barely) afford it, we believe that moving to Brooklyn is definitely the right choice for young professionals. If you’re thinking of moving here, then you probably already know why Brooklyn is such a great place and why it will be a better fit than other NYC boroughs. Still, we’ll quickly remind you anyway.

  • Brooklyn is a cultural melting pot. If you decide to spend a part of your life adventure here, you’ll meet lots of colorful characters from very different cultures. What’s more, these people are usually friendly and peaceful. While it is true that Brooklyn was once infested with crime, that is no longer true. That could actually detract some of the more adventurous types among our readers, however, constant danger will make any adventure unpleasant.
  • – The diversity of Brooklyn’s people extends to the diversity of various activities that you can do here. No matter where your interests lie in, you’ll be able to easily find something fascinating to do, see or experience in Brooklyn.
  • Brooklyn is a place driven by the energy of young people. Many young professionals live here, new startups are everywhere, ideas are seemingly picked from the very air we breathe. This may seem like a poetic exaggeration, but it is actually true! There aren’t many equally inspiring places for young professionals anywhere in the world.
  • – Moving to Brooklyn means that you’ll be able to get by without a car. You can walk anywhere easily and there’s a great public transportation system. And what better place to get involved in an adventure than the subway?