Moving to Boston for college – tips for freshmen

So, you’ve just recently decided that you want to move to Boston for your college. Great city, good choice. But you’re wondering where should you start and how to deal with stresses of moving to another city. Here we have some tips for your moving to Boston, so you don’t get lost on your way to the Athens of America.

About Boston

Did you know that Boston is the oldest city in the States? When people think about Boston, they can come up with a lot of descriptive words, such as passionate, cultural, good food, historic, and so on. But what else comes to mind is – labyrinthian. It has narrow, winding streets that are notoriously difficult to navigate, creating a stressful, and charming maze of one-way streets and cobblestone lanes. But all of that is because Boston is an ancient city, with a rich history and great culture. Boston has a lot of nicknames, such as: the Athens of America, the Puritan city, the Cradle of Liberty (a name which is also given to Philadelphia), and simply – The City.

Old building

Boston has many significant historical monuments

Reasons for moving to Boston

-It is really walkable, and it has a long history of walking. It even has one of  America’s first walking tours – the Freedom Trail. If you don’t have a car, or you want to avoid expensive tickets, you can walk anywhere which is good for your budget, and your health.

-Boston has access to world-class health care. People from all over the US and even the world come to Boston to see doctors and hospitals such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

  • -Boston has a wide variety of shopping centers and shops in general. It has Faneuil Hall, which has been a meeting hall and marketplace since the middle of the 18th century. Faneuil Hall offers a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and unique boutiques. Downtown and suburbs also offer high-quality shops and specialty pushcarts.

-There are many kids activities in the City. So if you feel like a kid again, or your younger siblings come to visit your dorm or home, you can always bring them to a wide variety of places in Boston.

-In Boston, there is always something to do. You’ll always find things that keep you busy. There are many sporting events, festivals and concerts. The City hosts Cambridge Science Festival, the Boston Marathon, ArtWeek Boston and so on.

-You can meet many new people and make friendships, or maybe even make relationships in Boston, since it is full of young and energetic people. The first step, of course, is introducing yourself to your new neighborhood.

It’s a great college city, with many famous universities, so you can find one that fits you. Whether you are into arts, sciences or humanities, the Athens of America is exactly that: a center of learning of the New World.

Starting early

Corner house

Are you ready to move?

The most populous place of New England, Boston, is in its heart, the college city. That means that there are tons of student discounts and customized services from businesses throughout the city. It also means that when September comes, available moving trucks are notoriously hard to find. Our advice? Book your moving company as soon as humanly possible. Maybe as soon as you get accepted into your new college. So you ask yourself – who should I hire? In the city, there are good Boston movers who specialize in student relocation. It is of utmost importance that you find on time your new college dorm or apartment so you don’t stress out!

Organize your budget before moving

Moving to a new city can be very expensive. And it usually is. You should organize your budget way before you move to Boston or any other place for that matter. Don’t try to move on your own. It is a great misconception that moving on your own is actually less expensive. It is not. But anyway, you should strive for the most affordable prices you can find, especially when you’re in college. So take your time, put every penny you own on paper, and calculate your expenses carefully.

Try to reserve a parking spot before your moving to Boston

It might be worthwhile to reserve a parking spot with the City, especially if you’re moving into a busy neighborhood, like North End. It can cost you about $100 for a one-day permit, but it’s worth it. You’ll avoid getting tickets and you’ll have a guaranteed spot for your vehicle. Be prepared to act quickly, because the earliest you can apply is one month before your moving day.

man on a parking spot

You’ll have a harder time than this person in an image


Boston’s public transportation system is great. It is operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, but locals know it simply as the “T”. The “T” offers bus, subway, trolley car, and even boat service to just about anywhere in the Greater Boston area… and beyond. Subway stops are color-coded – Blue, Red, Green, Orange or Silver Line. You’ll easily get hold of it. You should try to use Boston’s public transportation as often you can, since it can save you money, and its greener than using a car.

To recapitulate

-Boston is a historically significant city with many important sites and rich history. It has narrow streets which may remind one of the European cities.

-There are many reasons for why you should move to Boston: it is really walkable; it has an access to a world-class health and education system; there are many shops where you can buy from; it is full of kids activities; there is always something to do; it’s full of energetic young people you can meet; and most important – it’s one of the best college cities in the world

-Remember that you should start your move as soon as possible to avoid the stress of late moving. Organize your money wisely.

-If you have a car, try to reserve a parking spot. You should do that to avoid tickets and to always have a place to park your car.

-Boston’s public transportation is great and functional, and you should use it to your advantage.