Moving from a big city to a small town

Now, we understand your thought process. Why in the world would someone be moving from a big city to a small town? Contrary to the popular belief, living in a metropolis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, there are plenty of people who’ve been born and raised in bigger cities desperately looking for a way into the countryside this instant. If you are in this group, feel free to keep on reading. If you are a fan of relocating the other way around, from a smaller place to a city, we have the perfect text for you to read. After all, we did a post on the topic of this kind of relocation just last week.

Get ready to be recognized if you’re moving from a big city to a small town

You might be used to talking to a random stranger in a Walmart for a while. And after that never seeing them again in your life. Though, this is a thing which only happens in big cities. After moving to a small town, you should expect to be practically neighbors with everyone. Sure, you may not know everyone by name, but they definitely will recognize you. While this might seem like a bad thing, we assure you that it’s not. After a while you get used to the feeling of being on Big Brother the whole time. You’ll learn to love your nosy neighbors. Not only that, but this will allow for you to build more meaningful relationships in a small town. Being on a first name basis with your server at the favorite, and perhaps only, coffee shop, is never a bad thing. After all, this is what moving from a big city to a small town means. You should be aiming for more of that close-knit community feel.

If you’re moving from a big metropolis to a smaller place purchase a bigger piggy bank

You’ve seen the prices in the city, right? And, we’re not talking only about the cost of shopping for clothes and groceries. We’re also talking about the ridiculous rent for a tiny place along with all those bills which seem to pile up quickly. And, add some taxi fares and subway tickets and you’ve got yourself quite the price. Now, prepare to save some money when moving from a big city to a small town. The living expenses and rent will surely go down considerably in a smaller place. Also, you will be able to afford a bigger place. And, if that isn’t enough, be sure to check out the difference in clothing offered between a big city and a small town. In a big city, your options are malls and boutiques. While, in a small town, you are able to choose from some hand sown clothing, even! Like we said before, you have more options to form lasting relationships after moving from a big city to a small town.

When moving from a big city to a small town you shouldn’t be surprised at the clear schedule

While you may be working online or at the office, you will still find some blank space in your schedule after relocating to a small town. Where does this time come from? Well, after moving from a big city to a small town you’ve forgone the slow public transportation for one. The other reason for all that free time is that there are not as many places to go and explore in a small town. You won’t be going to as many galleries, theaters or gigs, like in a big city. But, this isn’t bad at all! After moving from a big metropolis to a smaller place it is the perfect time to take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Whether it is photography or gardening, it will be not only useful, but quite therapeutic. Look on the upside! If you’ll be getting into the gardening business, you could own your own perfect famers market in your back yard. Bon appétit!

Relocating from a big city to a small town will mean embracing minimalism

Are we telling you to leave your branded shoes behind? Not at all. We’re not talking so much about physical minimalism, but rather, a mental one. Though, embracing the way of ‘less is more’ in a physical sense isn’t too bad, either. However, let us ask you this. Have you ever had a day where you simply started with tasks in the morning and finished in the late evening? And then you realize you will still have some left over for tomorrow? Exactly. This is the kind of minimalism we’re inviting you to embrace when moving from a big city to a small town. Sometimes, the hurried pace of life in a metropolis is a lot. It has you overstressed and always running on 110% of your energy. Life in a small town will allow for some more relaxation. It lets you get rid of all the white noise and focus on what really matters in life.

When moving from a big city to a small town you should be ready to leave the palace

Face it – you’ve been spoiled by the big city life of comfort. No worries, though, we’ve all been in your shoes at least once before. Living in a big city can make you forget about what waiting actually is. After all, everything is a short walk away. And if not, it’s a couple of subway stops away. Getting some pizza at 4am just because you crave it is possible before moving from a big city to a small town. However, after moving from a metropolis to a smaller place, you’ll learn the words ‘patience is a virtue’ very well. Some comforts of the city may still be available for you, but only at a certain time. Don’t expect Johnny from across the road to drive all the way back to his shop at 3am to have that capricciosa slice ready for you at four. You’ll unfortunately have to get your cravings under control in a small town. Remember to buy the pizza at a more Godly hour after moving from a big city to a small town.