Moving a restaurant – the complete guide

What things to consider when moving a restaurant to a new location. Business relocation can be very stressful and business owners tend to move a business and not to lose productivity, at the same time. There are so many reasons to relocate a restaurant, and no matter what the reason is, you should organize this process like a pro. Having a simple guide can help you a lot.

Tips for moving a restaurant

If your restaurant needs a bigger space, or you want to introduce your business to other customers, then it is time to relocate. A decision to relocate your restaurant is not easy to make, but if you are persistent, do it right.

A restaurant.
If you are moving to a bigger and better place, make sure to prepare a new location and it should be spotless before the grand opening

Find a new location

The location is one of the most important things when owning a restaurant and moving your business. Of course, good food is too, but after that, the location is key. Explore new places and the competition also. Perform a location analysis and know what are your target guests. Busy streets are highly recommended for restaurants and bars. Also, consider having easy access to suppliers, parking, and public transport – these are all perks.

Choose the right time for relocation

You can move during the week, so you can open a restaurant on a weekend, or choose a winter when you have less business. Every restaurant is different, so choose what is the best time for moving a restaurant. If you choose less busy times to move, you may save money. Set an opening date and stick to it, that is part of a business plan.

Take your time to organize a relocation

You can move your business on short notice, but it is not recommended. It is better to give yourself enough time to plan everything and to prepare. A good organization is important when moving a business no matter what type of business you own. So, start planning as soon as possible. Announce the move to employees and customers. A few months are needed to plan a move.

Get a professional moving help

No matter if you are moving your business to another state or within the same city, a professional moving company is highly recommended. You will need to move all your equipment, beverages, kitchen items, etc. Also, if you are moving perishable food, it must be moved in a climate-controlled moving vehicle.

Boxes for moving a restaurant.
Moving a restaurant kitchen, tables, chairs, food, beverages, is a task for professionals

Inform guests about relocation

Start informing your visitors because your business depends on them. If you are moving a restaurant within the same city, give them a new address and also, change information on your official website, social media profiles, and other websites. Good marketing is important, it will attract new customers. Introduce your restaurant to locals and invite them to try your food.