Moving a hot tub step by step

Okay, you chose to move the hot tub. Yes, but moving a hot tub is not so simple and easy job for people who have never worked. For professionals, it’s a job like any other and they do it pretty quick and seemingly easy. If you decided to do it by yourself it’s on you. These are some pieces of advice on how to do this unusual job. Let’s see what do you need as a tool or auxiliary material to do this.

What do you need for moving a hot tub?

First of all, you have to prepare for moving a hot tub. You have to get some gear and some supply material. What do you need?

  • Moving straps
  • Two furniture moving dollies
  • Two or more large pieces of plywood
  • Some cleaning supplies

You don’t have to buy all of that. You can and rent moving dollies capable of holding up to 800 pounds. If you are transferring a hot tub across the lawn to the truck or trailer, you’ll need one more piece of gear. You’ll need to make or get one slider made of stiffer but still flexible plastic, which will serve as a sled but over the entire flat and smooth surface, not as rails. It must be slightly wider and longer than the side of the hot tub.

Moving a hot tub is hard job but if you gonna use it after moving it is some kind of consolation

A hot tub is a relaxing place when you do not relocate it

Consider hiring professionals

In your plan, the truck must be included. Size of the truck depending on the size of your “jacuzzi”. Or you can hire some moving company to move your hot tub. Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts can do this for you. If moving a  hot tub is only part of your relocation to another location then include truck rental in the complete relocation. Unless you’re thinking about what to do, between DIY and moving company rentals. But it’s up to you!

There is another option and that is you want to get rid of your old hot tub and that’s why you need a truck and equipment. I just mentioned this as an option.

You need workforce assistance for the moving a hot tub

If you want to move your hot tub you will need help. Workforce assistance! You’ll need some muscles. At least three pairs of them. Especially when you don’t have professional tools and, above all, professional experience. The help of family, friends, and relatives will be necessary. As much as better! If you do not have help from these, you will need to hire some professionals. Anyway, you have to take care of everything, especially the health and health of the people who are helping you! If someone is not fit enough to assist you in this difficult job, exclude him in time for the potential for serious injury.

Children in the water in a hot tub

The children are the most joyous in the water, and bubbling water, even more

 Do it, but carefully

After a good prepare moving a hot tub is, more or less, routine. Disconnect the tub from the electrical power and isolate the wires. Drain the hot tub! Do this carefully to avoid flooding the yard or garden. Use the gear you prepare to move your hot tube to the truck. Align the hot tub so that it standing on the side. Place it on a dolly, or plywood boards, or a slider if you are on the lawn, an easy move it to the truck. Then use the muscles you engaged and load it to the truck. You might still want to consider hiring professionals option for moving a hot tub.