How to move special items across the state?

Moving itself can be challenging enough, but if you want to move special items that can be even more challenging. Difference between these items and other ones is in their value and in the way they should be relocated. You can safely transport your basic items, without giving them much thought. But, if you want to move special items on your own, some amount of stress cannot be avoided. So, in order to avoid stress while you move your special items across the state, continue reading this guide to find out how can you easily do it, and without much (or any) stress.

Why is it so difficult to move special items?

Unlike our other stuff that is ready for relocation, special items require special kind of care and attention. Distance is less relevant when moving special items. Of course, moving your stuff across the street is much easier and less stressful, but it can easily break if you’re not careful. Same applies when you’re moving your special items across the state. They can easily break if you haven’t paid special attention to them. They can break if you travel twenty yards or two hundred miles just the same, if you haven’t secured them properly. During long hours of transportation, special items made of fragile materials, such as glass, can easily break during shipping. That’s why special items require special attention when moving.

First of all, don’t move on your own

People seem to think that moving on your own can actually save you some money. That cannot be further from truth. Moving on your own can be viable option if you’re moving some items that are not so breakable, and for a short distance. However if you’re moving your stuff across the state, moving them on your own is actually very unwise. And that is especially true if you move special items across the state. First of all, you can easily break or damage them. And that is especially true if you are moving special items. You won’t have enough space for all of them. And cramming special items into tight space is a recipe for disaster. Costs you may sustain if you break some of your special items is usually quite larger than the cost of hiring a reliable moving company that is specialized in moving special items, like City Movers.

A box.

Please, don’t move your special items on your own. Let the professionals handle them.

Second, moving heavy and bulky special items can lead to injuries. And all of us know just how high can medical expenses go. For that money you can easily hire reliable moving company over and over again. So, make a smart decision, and hire a good and reliable team of professionals who are specialized in moving special items.

Before you move your special items, you need to pack them carefully

Packing is the most important step when relocating special items. Things like pool tables and pianos can cause you back injuries. In order to avoid that you’ll need to pack them and move them carefully. So, in this part we’re going to explore how you can pack your special items with care.

The packing process – make a plan before you move special items

In order to pack your special items efficiently and with ease, you need to have a plan. Packing your stuff randomly can make your relocation more expensive. You’ll be short on space, and moving your items would require multiple trips. The goal of packing is to minimize transportation time, while keeping your special items safe. So, you need to make a viable plan. Here are some tips for packing your special items:

Step one – find packing materials

Finding the right materials for your special items is not that hard. They are usually quite affordable, and you can find them anywhere. You’ll need bubbly paper, cellophane wrap, packing peanuts and similar materials for your special items. You also need boxes. They are pretty cheap and you can find them in almost any supermarket. But try to use original packaging for some of your special items whenever possible.

Step two – sort your special items into groups

Not all of your special items can go together. For example, breakable materials, like glass, shouldn’t go with heavy and bulky objects. It’s common sense. Put your special items in logical groups. That means that similar items should go together. Pianos don’t go well with chinaware.

Chinaware cups.

Don’t pack your chinaware with heavy and bulky stuff.

Step three – prepare your items for packing and wrap those items carefully

If you need to wash and clean your items before you move them, do it. It’ll make your packing easier. And be careful. Not all materials go well with your special items. For example, don’t use plastic wrap for sensitive surfaces. Plastic wrap can damage surfaces of your precious items, like those on a piano.

A piano player.

Don’t use plastic wrap for your piano.

Step four – call the professionals

There is no doubt that it is much easier to let professionals help you with your special items. They are trained well, and they know how to move them with ease, without any damage. Special items require special care, and it doesn’t matter how careful you are, damages can easily occur. Let professionals take responsibility for you special items like pianos and other instruments. They will transfer your instrument with ease like it’s nothing.

In some rare cases even they can damage something, but they are obliged to fix the damage and/or repay you. You’ll not be responsible for injuries they may sustain, like you would when you’re moving your pool table. And, as they say, not all pool table movers are the same. Anyway, chances of them breaking or damaging something you own are astronomically low.

Let professionals move special items, and enjoy your relocation

If you’ve hired a reliable moving company, you can safely enjoy your relocation. Your job was to pack your items and call the moving company. The rest is on them. Enjoy!